Jill Zarin takes aim at Dorinda Medley, says RHONY star blocked her from Berkshires trip

Jill Zarin bashes Dorinda Medley
Jill Zarin takes aim at Dorinda Medley. Pic Credit:@ImageCollect/Acepics/Bravo

It seems Tinsley Mortimer is not the only person getting the mean girl treatment from Dorinda Medley.

Former Real Housewives of New York City alum Jill Zarin is also getting a whiff of Dorinda’s wrath–something viewers have commented on all season.

Jill recently spoke with season 12 friend-of-the-show, Elyse Slaine, in a live video, and it seems all is not well between the former and current Bravo housewives.

During the conversation, the two women discussed the recent cast trip to Dorinda’s newly renovated home in the Berkshires.

Early in the season, the 55-year-old complained the house was a source of stress for her. She revealed the basement — which had been storing her deceased husband’s personal belongings — had flooded.

When the house was up and running again, Dorinda wanted to show off her upgraded digs, so she invited the women to spend the weekend.

Dorinda blocked Jill from the Berkshires

Jill, who is still friends with season 12 alums Ramona Singer and Luann de Lesseps, was hoping to spend time in the Berkshires with the women.

She tells Elyse, “I wanted to, but Dorinda blocked me. She was very mean to me at the party that night.”

She is referring to the Halloween party that played out on the latest episode of the show.

We caught a glimpse of the former Bravo alum during the festivities, but now she’s shedding more light on what we didn’t see on camera.

She continued to talk about Dorinda’s behavior saying, “She was so mean to me.”

“I said, Dorinda did I do something to you? You’ve been very mean to me, and she goes ‘Bravo Bravo Bravo’ we’re not doing this on the show. You’re just using me to get on the show.”

Jill says she doesn’t like Dorinda this season

Zarin shared with Elyse that during Season 1, she liked Dorinda, but this season not so much.

“I don’t like Dorinda this season. She’s not nice.” Jill says, adding, “I think she’s angry and hurt and coming from a place of all that, but the reality is, I don’t see her being nice to anyone.”

Jill Zarin is not the only one to notice Dorinda’s horrible behavior this season.

She has been an absolute bully to Tinsley Mortimer, and fans of the popular bravo franchise have even been calling for Bravo to fire her.

It’s not clear if the network will listen to fans, so we’ll have to wait and see.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Thursdays at 8/9c on Bravo.

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N. Steeld
N. Steeld
3 years ago

Dorinda is getting to big for her drunken britches