Jeymi Noguera in tears as she thanks 90 Day Fiance viewers for their support

90 Day Fiance star Jeymi Noguera close-up
Jeymi Noguera sheds tears as thanks viewers for their support. Pic credit: @jeyminoguera/Instagram

Jeymi Noguera has been getting a slew of support from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers, and she is overwhelmed by all the love.

She recently took to social media and tearfully thanked everyone for rallying behind her amid her tumultuous romance with Kris Foster.

Their marriage crashed and burned, and there were lots of conflicting accusations thrown back and forth at the Tell All.

However, after watching Kris’ behavior all season, it wasn’t surprising that viewers sided with Jeymi.

To be honest, though, we started giving Kris the side eye from the moment she arrived in Colombia and started to list off a plethora of problems and complaints.

People questioned some of the stories she told, and it wasn’t long before they started to assume that Kris had a drug problem. The final straw was when Kris got physical with Jeymi in the season finale and pushed her out of a vehicle.

For whatever reason, the physical violence wasn’t addressed during the three-part Tell All, but viewers are not letting that slide.

Kris has been getting backlash on social media, and viewers are letting Jeymi know they have her back.

Jeymi Noguera gets tearful as she thanks 90 Day Fiance viewers for their support

Jeymi posted a tearful video on her Instagram Story recently as she expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support she has received.

In the short snap, the brunette beauty wiped away tears as she told her supporters that she’d read the comments and DMs they’d sent her.

“I believe all your support is amazing and this is super real, I promise this is so real for me. Thank you so much,” said Jeymi as she blew a kiss to the camera.

Jeymi Noguera’s friend defends her after she was called a ‘predator’

Meanwhile, viewers are not the only ones defending Jeymi. She has other people in her corner as well.

The 30-year-old reshared a post from her friend, Maria Malvido, who’s been by her side throughout the rocky 90 Day Fiance journey.

Maria posted a collage of snaps that showed fun times with Jeymi over the years, and she had a few things to get off her chest after watching the Tell All.

She had a bone to pick with Debbie Aguero, who shockingly called Jeymi a predator.

“It bothers me that Jeymi is the one called ‘predator,'” wrote Maria, who said she had many calls with Jeymi after Kris had left, and she was the one who tried to reassure her that Kris would be back.

“I was her shoulder and support,” said Maria.

Jeymi Noguera's friend comes to her defense
Jeymi’s Instagram Story. Pic credit: @jeyminoguera/Instagram

“Jeymi was and continues to be the bigger person in this situation, and I hope this chapter is over. And for her ex to learn to recognize her issues,” added Maria.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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