Jeymi moves out of fancy apartment after split from Kris and admits she ‘felt like a failure’

90 Day Fiance star Jeymi Noguera close-up
Jeymi Noguera reflects on failed relationship with Kris Foster. Pic credit: TLC

We saw Jeymi Noguera move into her fancy new apartment to start her happily ever after with Kris Foster, but there was nothing happy about their marriage — at least nothing that we saw.

Not surprisingly, the pair are officially done, and with so many bad memories, Jeymi has since moved out of the pricey pad.

She was tasked with finding a place for her and Kris to live in Colombia but found an apartment that was over the agreed budget. To make matters worse, Jeymi quit her job and was dependent on Kris–a bad idea, to say the least.

Kris then had to return to the US, where she stayed for months instead of the two weeks she initially planned. During that time, she ghosted Jeymi and stopped sending her money for rent.

That left the brunette beauty in debt, and when Kris finally returned a confrontation with Jeymi about finances led to an act of physical violence and an ultimate breakup.

Since then, Jeymi has bid adieu to the apartment and she posted a video of the empty home, which brought back memories.

Jeymi Noguera says she felt like a failure after her failed relationship

Jeymi posted a video on social media after she left the apartment she once shared with Kris, and it was an emotional moment for the 30-year-old.

The clip showed an empty apartment after everything had been moved out, and Jeymi reflected on the ordeal in her caption.

“This is one of the most difficult videos I have had to edit,” she admitted. “I made this video the day I left the apartment I moved into dreaming imagining trusting excited and I left there crying.”

Jeymi also confessed in the post that she “felt like a failure,” but that she doesn’t have any regrets even though she didn’t get her fairytale ending.

Although she just posted the video, the TLC star moved out and moved on some time ago, and she’s in a much better mental space today.

“A long time has passed since that day and today I couldn’t be happier with that decision…” shared Jeymi. “I always say that I live alone but I have the greatest love in the world with myself,” and her cute pup, of course.

Jeymi Noguera gets support from 90 Day Fiance viewers

After sharing the post online, Jeymi’s comment section quickly filled up with words of support from viewers.

“If the rumors about your ex’s drug use are true, be thankful you got out,” said one person.

“She doesn’t deserve you! How can she marry someone and walk away so easily?! I’m sorry you went though this…❤️,” added someone else.

One viewer wrote, “Keep your head up! You deserve SO much better and nobody believes the lies that are told about you.”

Jeymi Noguera gets support online
Pic credit: @jeyminoguera/Instagram

Someone else stated, “Jeymi you deserve soo much better! You’re better off alone than with Kris. She’s the Queen of lies and deceptions.”

Part 2 of the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell All airs on Sunday, May 21 at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Patricia Wickham
Patricia Wickham
9 months ago

Why didn’t jeymi get a job and help out financially instead of just sitting there whining and complaining about everything?? The blame is not all on kris, jeymi is a user also!!

9 months ago

Because Kris TOLD HER to quit her job. Now she’s having trouble finding a new one.