Jesse Palmer ‘doesn’t want to pick sides’ in Maria and Sydney drama

The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer
Jesse Palmer has been asked about The Bachelor feud between Sydney and Maria. Pic credit: ABC

Season 28 of The Bachelor is in full swing now – and so is the drama between Sydney and Maria.

Maria joined the show as one of the boldest and brightest when she made her entrance with a Canadian flag, and she’s been the talk of the show ever since.

Initially, The Bachelor viewers didn’t love her, calling her out for her quick change into “something comfortable” in Episode 2.

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But by Episode 3, viewers were firmly on her side after two straight weeks of drama with Sydney Gordon, who can’t seem to just leave Maria alone.

She’s already run to Joey and accused Maria of bullying and verbal abuse, which are some serious allegations that have The Bachelor star on edge.

We’ve already seen a sneak peek for Episode 4, and it’s clear that Sydney is still gunning for Maria even after the cast heads to Malta for a gorgeous trip that should be all fun and romance – not drama and accusations.

Jesse Palmer asked about the drama between Sydney and Maria

Everybody seems to have an opinion about the ongoing feud between Sydney and Maria on The Bachelor, but if Jesse Palmer does, he’s keeping it to himself.

When asked about the drama between Joey’s ladies, Jesse told Entertainment Weekly, “I’m going to stay neutral on this one. It’s tricky to pick sides because the conflict between Sydney and Maria is based mostly on their own personal experiences.”

Maybe there’s more to this back-and-forth than what we’re seeing on the show.

There’s even more Sydney and Maria feuding coming up on The Bachelor

Last week, The Bachelor viewers were hoping Joey would send Sydney home and end the battle between her and Maria, but that didn’t happen.

The drama all started when Sydney tried to stir things up by claiming that Maria was age-shaming Madina. Madina wasn’t nearly as bothered as Sydney and wouldn’t let it go.

When Maria caught wind of her comments, she called out Sydney in front of all the other girls, and that’s when Sydney lashed out. So far, Maria has remained calm, questioning Sydney and calling the growing drama “stupid.”

Sydney seems to be really talented at twisting everything Maria says and claiming it’s an insult to her rather than just letting it go.

The sneak peek for next week hints at even more of it as the cast heads to Malta.

Sydney already snitched to Joey once, complaining that Maria was bullying her and calling her names. Now, she’s set to do it again and turn the romantic Malta trip into even more Bachelor drama.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC with a special Tuesday episode coming up next week at 8/7c.

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