Jessa Duggar shares video of Ivy Jane saying ‘baby,’ Counting On fans adore it

Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar with Ivy Jane.
Ivy Jane is Ben and Jessa’s first little girl. Pic credit: TLC

Jessa Duggar just shared the most adorable video of Ivy Jane saying “baby,” and Counting On fans are freaking out.

Ivy Jane Seewald is one of the most adorable Duggar grandchildren and her mom, Jessa Duggar has shared several videos and cute moments since she has been born. The baby video, though, is probably at the very top of the list.

Little Ivy Jane loves her baby doll

Earlier today, Jessa Duggar shared a video of Ivy Jane Seewald playing with her baby doll. She is only nine months old but can already say “baby.”

Ivy Jane was able to snuggle with the doll and showed excitement while caring for it. Jessa could be heard talking to her little girl about her toy in a sweet and very loving voice.

Seeing Ivy Jane growing up before fans’ eyes has caused a wide range of emotions.

She was the first Duggar grandchild to be born in 2019 and kicked off the all-girl baby boom with four more cousins born since then. Ivy Jane will turn one on May 26, which was a birth she would have shared with her great grandmother, Mary Duggar.

Jessa Duggar’s kids always make social media fun

Out of all of the Duggar siblings with children, Jessa Duggar appears to be the mom who is the most patient. While several of the siblings only have one child at this time, managing a bunch of toddlers seems to come easier for Jessa. She is soft-spoken and patient, much like her mom. Michelle Duggar has set an example for her daughters, and several of them have implemented tips from her.

Since joining social media, Jessa Duggar has been open about sharing her family life. They are on Counting On, but so much happens outside of filming, seeing them on Instagram or YouTube makes them for real for some. Jessa has been building a following by sharing videos with tips and tricks on her YouTube channel.

Sharing videos and photos of her kids has been a highlight for fans of Jessa Duggar. Welcoming Ivy Jane after two little boys has changed her world. Now, Jessa is playing with baby dolls and other more girly things with her little girl.

With those big eyes and belly giggles, Ivy Jane Seewald is the star of the show. Jessa Duggar has shared so many precious moments, and hopefully, there will be many more to come.

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