Jessa Duggar shares date night selfie and Counting On viewers can’t believe how different Ben Seewald looks

Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jessa Duggar shared an updated photo of Ben Seewald. Pic credit: TLC

Jessa Duggar shared a date night photo that showed off a very different looking Ben Seewald. The two received a lot of comments about his looks in the past. Now, he is clean-shaven and looking young again.

The two decided to show off Ben Seewald’s new look with a grocery store selfie. Jessa Duggar shared the photo on Instagram, and now Counting On fans are complimenting his looks and recognizing how different he looks.

How did Jessa Duggar manage the grocery store selfie?

When asked about how she took the selfie, Jessa Duggar responded to the Counting On fan, revealing that she used the iPhone three-second delay and a ledge in the store.

She has perfected the selfie with that method because it turned out looking great.

After that important question was answered, fans began complimenting the new and improved look of Ben Seewald.

There had been a lot of debate over Jessa Duggar’s husband and his facial hair. He had been growing it out for several months.

What did Ben look like before the clean shave?

Back in September 2019, Jessa Duggar shared a photo of Ben Seewald with a full beard. He had worn that look for almost a whole year, according to her post.

He had shaved before the share, but Jessa Duggar posted it for reference.

Off and on, Ben Seewald has changed his looks over the years. Sometimes he is scruffy looking while other times he wears only a mustache with a very close shave.

Jessa Duggar often shares photos of the two with Ben sporting one of the looks that Counting On fans have become accustomed to seeing him sport.

The clean-shaven baby face look isn’t one that Ben Seewald has shown very often. It was shocking to some Counting On fans, especially since there haven’t been many photos of the two shared recently.

The focus has been on their adorable children, especially Ivy Jane.

Of the Duggar husbands, Ben Seewald is one of the more liked ones. He films Counting On with Jessa Duggar, and the two have been pretty raw in their confessionals about what they have been through.

From when they first got married to dealing with three children and running a household, this couple has been transparent.

A date night photo turned into a Ben Seewald comment magnet and it doesn’t look like Jessa Duggar is about it one bit.

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