Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino reveals ‘dating scene is horrible’ for him

vinny guadagnino at The 2018 MTV Video Music Awards
Vinny Guadagnino says dating is rough for him these days for several reasons. Pic credit: © Media/

Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino is among the stars of the longest-running original cast in reality TV show history as they continue their adventures on the Family Vacation spinoff.

Along with that, he’s appeared in other reality shows, including co-starring with castmate Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio on several seasons of MTV’s Double Shot at Love.

A Dancing With the Stars appearance suggested that Vinny might have found romance with someone else linked to the competition show, but they became really good friends.

Vinny’s next appearance is set to come with another spinoff called All-Star Shore, featuring cast members from various Shore shows and other reality TV stars.

While he was previously a love interest of his Jersey Shore castmate, Angelina Pivarnick, they’ve also moved on, with Vinny seeming ready to explore potential connections on All-Star Shore.

However, he recently shared why the “dating scene is horrible for him” as a reality television star trying to find love in the modern world.

Vinny says ‘dating scene is horrible’ as a single guy

Vinny says finding love these days is tough for him, as he can’t necessarily rely on dating apps, Instagram, or meeting famous people to find romantic connections.

“It’s hard for me because I’m not just going to walk into a random singles bar, and I haven’t had much luck with apps. I don’t go on many dates,” he revealed in an interview.

Vinny explained that he’s tried using the dating app Raya to no avail and doesn’t feel like Instagram is a good option either.

“I don’t see many prospects, to be honest. And there isn’t the best pool on Instagram — even if there is, you wouldn’t know it. What do you do? You DM, ‘Hey, hey?’ There’s no physical connection happening,” he told InTouch.

Vinny, 35, also shared he’s in the ready-to-settle-down phase of his life and is “dating with intention.”

“I’m not just looking for someone to have a fun night with. So if I’m sitting down with you looking for you to be my girlfriend, then I want to see some type of future with you, and I like to be inspired. I love artists. I love dancers and actresses. But you can be a doctor, and that’s inspiring, too,” he said.

Vinny explored potential romance on All-Star Shore

According to Vinny, he used to be interested in famous girls but has abandoned that notion. Instead, the Jersey Shore star said he isn’t interested in girls that are about being famous. He said he’s looking for someone very different from his JS castmate.

“So someone who isn’t clout-chasing and who doesn’t care about social media. Pretty much like the opposite of [Jersey Shore co-star] Angelina [Pivarnick]!” Vinny revealed.

He currently appears in MTV’s Family Vacation with his Jersey Shore castmates and in All-Star Shore Season 2 with other reality stars. The latter features Vinny in a potential love triangle, as teased in the clip below.

Vinny was once part of rumors about a romance with his DWTS friend Gabby Windey. She revealed several months ago she found love with comedian Robby Hoffman.

With another reality TV show appearance happening, the Jersey Shore star was asked if he made any love connections on the All-Star Shore spinoff.

“The old Vinny would’ve hooked up on night one. There were two beautiful women I was into, and you’ll see me navigate that. I’m not perfect, but I’m also not too much of an F-boy where I’m trying to hurt people’s feelings,” Vinny said.

It should be interesting to see if anything further develops between Vinny and his All-Star Shore interests. However, one might classify some of the cast members as clout-chasers who care about social media a lot.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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