Jersey Shore’s Pauly D shares important rules he set for his daughter

pauly delvecchio face shot from jersey shore family vacation on mtv
Jersey Shore star Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio on Family Vacation. Pic credit: MTV

Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio revealed how he’s parenting at home in a rare update about his daughter.

The reality TV star, 43, was part of the original cast of Jersey Shore and has appeared on various MTV shows since 2009.

Pauly currently appears on Family Vacation, which recently featured a major fight in a Season 7 episode.

He was not in the heated altercation, which involved castmates Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Angelina Pivarnick, and her fiance, Vinny Tortorella.

Meanwhile, he continues raising Amabella Sophia DelVecchio, keeping her away from reality TV drama.

That includes setting several key rules for Amabella that he feels are beneficial.

Pauly D said he gave Amabella several restrictions

Social media wasn’t as prominent during the original run of Jersey Shore as it has become in recent years. Due to that, Pauly said he restricted his daughter’s use of one platform.

“She’s not allowed to have TikTok. She’s too young,” he told People regarding Amabella’s social media use.

“She does do the kids YouTube though, and I don’t know, I feel like that’s basically TikTok anyway. They do all the dances,” he shared with the publication.

Something that goes hand-in-hand with heavy social media use is using technology gadgets like smartphones. Pauly shared that his daughter has one of the best available, and he loves that he can stay in touch with her while away from home.

“She got the iPhone 15 for Christmas, so that was a big deal. And it’s good for me because I can talk to her all the time, especially when I’m traveling,” he shared.

However, Pauly also revealed he’s restricted Amabella’s iPhone use based on whether she meets certain conditions.

“She has rules with the phone. She gets it taken away if her grades aren’t good, and stuff like that,” he told People.

It appears that Pauly may also have a restriction on Amabella’s involvement in reality TV, at least for now. She has yet to appear in any of his Jersey Shore-related shows, although his castmates’ children have.

Pauly D revealed he had a daughter in 2013

In 2013, TMZ reported that Pauly D had a daughter after he confirmed he was the father via a paternity test. Based on the report, Pauly conceived the unnamed child with an unidentified 25-year-old woman he met DJing in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I’m proud I’m a father. I am excited to embark on this new part of my life,” he told TMZ then.

Details emerged since then, revealing that Amabella is his daughter’s name, and the mother is Amanda Markert.

While Pauly is dating Nikki Hall, whom he met through MTV’s Double Shot at Love, he’s remained amicable with Amabella’s mother over the years. They continue co-parenting their daughter, who turns 11 in June.

Pauly told People that he’s been trying to plan a special birthday event, admitting “it’s tough to find a theme,” but shared he may have the best location for it since “she loves the Sugar Factory.”

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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