Jersey Shore: Vinny Guadagnino faces mom’s guilt trip as he makes a big move

Vinny Guadagnino on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.
Vinny Guadagnino gets a guilt trip from his mom about moving across the country. Pic credit: MTV

If there’s one thing Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans love about Vinny Guadagnino, it’s his sweet Italian mother.

His mom has made many cameos on the show as she takes care of Vinny and the rest of the cast and treats them to her homemade meals.

In the newest episode of Season 5 however, Vinny is set to receive a major guilt trip from his mother.

A video clip shows Vinny as he tries to break the news to his mom that he’s sold his home in Staten Island to move across the country to California.

Vinny’s mom didn’t seem too happy about the news and reminded him that all of his family was in Staten Island.

She also asked him if he would stay with her whenever he returns to visit. Vinny clearly appears guilt-stricken and fearful of disappointing his mom.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s Vinny Guadagnino makes a move across the country

Vinny moved into a gorgeous new home in Los Angeles this past summer.

The move seemed out of the ordinary for him as he’s such a family man and values being close to those he loves.

The move did bring him closer in proximity to his Jersey Shore Family Vacation costar Ronnie Ortiz-Magro who also lives in California and his best friend Pauly DelVecchio who lives in Nevada.

It appears, however, that the move didn’t last long as he ended up selling the home by the fall.

After selling his home, he bought a condo in Tribeca, New York. The move would bring him back home closer to his family in Staten Island.

He did receive some heat from fans, however, when he showed a video of his mother after she helped him unpack. She appeared exhausted and overworked but Vinny assured everyone that he was taking good care of her.

Will Vinny Guadagnino stay in New York for good now?

It’s unclear whether Vinny will choose to stay in New York for good now but it’s clear living across the country didn’t work for him.

Some fans wondered if he had moved back east due to a love interest, potentially from Season 3 of Double Shot at Love.

He did reveal after the show, however, that he remained single and blamed the format of the show for why the relationships don’t always work out in the real world.

Fans can keep up with what’s next for Vinny by tuning into new episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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