Jersey Shore fans think Snooki’s pregnant after video surfaces

nicole snooki polizzi face shot from jersey shore episode
Some Jersey Shore fans can’t help but wonder if Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is pregnant again. Pic credit: MTV

Is Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi hiding her pregnancy from fans ahead of another season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation?

The 36-year-old MTV reality TV star has three children with husband Jionni LaValle.

Some curious fans believe a fourth child might be coming for the couple, despite previous remarks from Snooki.

The latest speculation was fueled as Snooki recently appeared in a video with her castmate and some of their kids to promote a business.

While some commenters were gushing over the children or criticizing the acting, others couldn’t help but wonder about her appearance.

Some individuals called out a potential pregnancy based on what they felt was strong evidence to believe Snooki is expecting.

Snooki appeared in a new promotional video for Wawa’s pizza

Snook uploaded a new promotional video on her Instagram this week featuring her Jersey Shore castmate Jenni “JWoww” Farley.

JWoww’s two children, daughter Meilani and son Greyson appear in the video along with Snooki’s daughter, Giovanna.

Snooki and JWoww are seated on the couch with Greyson, who proclaims he’s hungry. Meilani and Giovanna, standing behind the couch, chime in.

“I’m hungry. Can we have pizza?” Meilani asks and JWoww reveals to everyone that the Wawa gas stations and convenience stores now have pizza available.

“Wawa has pizza?” Snooki asks, seeming shocked by that revelation.

JWoww confirms the store has pizza and says it is available from 4 p.m. to 3 a.m. and can do pickup or delivery.

The video ends with the group enjoying several pizzas, including cheese and pepperoni varieties.

“Oh, that’s good,” JWoww says as others agree, and they continue eating slices of Wawa’s pizza.

Some fans wonder if Snooki is pregnant again

As of this writing, Snooki’s latest IG video share had nearly 70,000 likes and over 600 comments.

One commenter asked if Snooki was pregnant, with others chiming in to suggest they’d been wondering the same thing.

“Is she pregnant? Did I miss something?” the individual asked, with another person saying they were asking themselves the same thing.

“she has to be pregnant!!” another commenter wrote with three surprised face emojis.

“how has nobody else commented this.. she definitely looks it though,” another individual wrote.

commenters wonder on instagram post by snooki if she is pregnant
Pic credit: @snooki/Instagram

One commenter said they believed one of the clips for the “new season” featured something about a new Snooki pregnancy. There have yet to be any clips of that type released for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, which just ended Season 6.

While the Season 6 reunion special could offer surprises, several IG commenters defended Snooki’s privacy and called out others for commenting about her body.

snooki fans defend reality tv star in instagram comments about her potential pregnancy
Pic credit: @snooki/Instagram

There’s been previous speculation that Snooki is pregnant and expecting her fourth child, based on some fans who believed she was covering up her stomach in various social media posts.

However, she went on record several weeks ago during The Meatball Pod, saying she wasn’t pregnant with her fourth child.

Monsters and Critics reported that the Jersey Shore refuted the rumors and politely called out Real Housewives star Kim Zolciak-Biermann, or Kim’s social media manager, for spreading posts containing false rumors to her followers online.

As of this writing, there are no reports that Snooki is pregnant from the Jersey Shore star or elsewhere, although some fans continue to believe she’s expecting.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 7 is TBA for MTV.

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