Jersey Shore critic bashes Pauly D as ‘whack’ DJ

Pauly DelVecchio on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.
Critics bashed Pauly D’s DJ skills and thought his music was “whack.” Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Pauly “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio has quite a busy schedule as he travels across the country with his girlfriend Nikki Hall to perform at various venues.

Pauly is a hard worker and has earned himself the title of the richest star of the Jersey Shore franchise.

Pauly has been so successful that he’s got an estimated net worth of around $20 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Despite his achievements, the haters still come for Pauly.

A post recently gained traction on social media and bashed Pauly’s DJ skills.

Jersey Shore critic bashes Pauly D as ‘whack’ DJ

While Pauly is well-known for his DJ skills and maintains residencies at different venues, his choice in music isn’t for everyone.

One critic took to Twitter and commented on a recent Tik Tok she had watched.

Critic bashes Pauly D's skills.
Pic credit: @pastelkreeper/Twitter

She shared how a person made a video talking about a day in their life and mentioned a party they had gone to.

This person apparently left “bc the music and DJ was wack.”

It turns out, Pauly was the one behind the beats.

After sharing her post on Twitter, her comment got over 94K likes and almost 5K retweets.

It seems that fans had mixed opinions though.

When a Reddit user shared the tweet, several people came to Pauly’s defense.

One person shared that Pauly had mentioned during a podcast that it was “hard to please everybody so he tries to mix it up and do the best he can.”

They added, “He still stay booked and busy so he must be doing okay.”

Fans support Pauly D.
Pic credit: @ironicspiderman/Reddit

A separate commenter wrote, “If you don’t like EDM, don’t go to a party with a DJ that plays EDM lol.”

Another person shared similar sentiments and added, “You know you’re gonna fist pump and frolic like it’s 2011 if you see him live.”

Fans defend Pauly.
Pic credit: @ironicspiderman/Reddit

While many people came to Pauly’s defense, other commenters agreed with the original tweet and did not care for his DJ skills.

One hater said they could “confirm” that “the music was whack.”

Another chimed in and admitted, “he was a little whack,” and said they stayed for three songs before leaving.

A third critic went as far as saying that they saw him live and “my God was it terrible.”

Critics bash Pauly.
Pic credit: @ironicspiderman/Reddit

Jersey Shore’s DJ Pauly D reacts to criticism

Pauly is usually a positive person when seen on episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation so his reaction to the hate he received is no surprise.

Rather than engaging with the person who posted the original tweet, he simply blocked them from following him on the site.

Pauly took the high road in this situation and doesn’t seem to be phased by others’ opinions.

Fans will be able to see what Pauly and Nikki have been up to when the new season of Jersey Shore premieres later this month.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation returns on Thursday, June 23 at 8/7c on MTV.

All episodes of Jersey Shore are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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