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Jeremy on Love Island USA: Fans share theories on why he keeps getting saved

Why is Jeremy still on Love Island USA? Fans weigh in.
Social media is exploding with anger over Jeremy not being booted from The Villa on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Jeremy on Love Island USA has fans sharing theories on why he keeps getting saved despite always ending up at the bottom of America’s vote.

While fan favorites like Javonny Vega, Aimee Flores, Cinco Holland Jr., and Cashay Proudfoot have all been kicked out of The Villa by other islanders, Jeremy Hershberg remains on the CBS show. The most recent episode featured safe couples choosing to save Jeremy and Bailey Marshall instead of K-Ci Maultsby and Elly Stefan.

It’s not as though Jeremy has found a love connection in The Villa, and that’s why he remains on Love Island USA. Jeremy is now in his sixth coupling since the show began nearly five weeks ago.

The finale is only days away, and fans can’t figure out why Jeremy is still in the game at this point. Jeremy is continuously at the bottom, leaving his fate in the islander’s hands.

Is Jeremy a Love Island USA producer?

Twitter has been on fire with theories regarding how Jeremy can still be on the hit CBS show. Jeremy is like a cat with nine lives, that’s for sure.

One fan theory floating around is that Jeremy is a Love Island USA producer or that he has dirt on the producers.

Another theory is that Jeremy has something on the current crop of islanders in The Villa or perhaps signed a contract that allowed him so many episodes.

Whatever the reason the islanders are keeping Jeremy in the mix, fans are over it and him. There is no love at all for Jeremy, who viewers think should have been booted weeks ago.

Fans frustrated with vote

Besides sharing their theories about how Jeremy is still on Love Island USA, some Twitter users express their frustration with voting. What is the point of viewers voting if the islanders get to make the final decision?

There is also some speculation that production is tampering with votes or somehow fixing things, so Jeremy doesn’t exit The Villa.

Love Island USA fans may never figure out why Jeremy has stayed on the show so long. Season 3 is winding down, which means he and the rest of the group will be gone soon enough.

Jeremy may be on Love Island USA, but his odds of winning cash are slim to none. The one vote that islanders don’t get a say in is who wins the show.

Since its crystal-clear viewers dislike Jeremy, he and Bailey will definitely not be the winning couple.

Love Island USA airs Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.