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Jeremiah Duggar courting? Here’s why Counting On fans think he might be

Jeremiah Duggar during a Counting On confessional.
Jeremiah Duggar may be courting. Pic credit: TLC

An announcement from Jeremiah Duggar may come soon.

The Duggar son has an Instagram account that appears to be legit with Jedidiah Duggar, his twin brother, following the page.

What will Jeremiah Duggar announce?

There are several different reasons that Jeremiah Duggar may have an Instagram account. He may be following in his twin and father’s footsteps by running for office, he could be unveiling a new business venture, or there may be a courtship happening.

Remember, there was some speculation that the recent quarantine courtship would be either Jedidiah and Jeremiah. That wasn’t the case, though. Justin Duggar is seeing Claire Spivey and the two went public with their courtship just before the big announcement was made on Counting On.

While not all Duggar children have started Instagram accounts because they are courting, it is one of the biggest reasons. Jana, Jedidiah, and Jason Duggar all have their own page and none of them have entered into a courtship.

The boys are using their platform for business purposes and Jana may be preparing to use hers to promote the business she discussed on Counting On during the garden episode.

Jeremiah Duggar's empty Instagram account.
Pic credit: @jerduggar/Instagram

Which Duggar children are currently single?

Learning that Justin Duggar was courting was a shock among Counting On fans. He doesn’t turn 18 years old for another month and a half, which was why he wasn’t on the radar when the quarantine courtship was teased.

Jana Duggar is the only single Duggar daughter at the moment. Her love life is always talked about and she even addressed that on Counting On.

As for the boys, there are four single Duggar sons. Jeremiah, Jedidiah, Jason, and James Duggar are all adults and have not yet announced a courtship. Three of the four now have Instagram accounts.

A lot has changed within the family since the first courtship of Josh and Anna Duggar. They recently celebrated 12 years of marriage, which means the family has been evolving for over a decade when it comes to courting and rules that go along with that.

Whether Jeremiah Duggar is courting remains to be seen, but with the pop-up Instagram account and a solid follow from his twin brother, Jedidiah Duggar, there is something happening in his life.

Viewers have watched many of the Duggar daughters marry in succession, and now, it is the Duggar sons’ time to shine.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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