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Jenelle Evans reveals plans to start a modeling career, write a book after Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans on Teen Mom 2
Jenelle Evans is ready to move on from Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: MTV

Jenelle Evans is moving on from Teen Mom 2 and she already has a post-reality TV plan to keep her busy and hopefully, earning money.

The former Teen Mom 2 star revealed previously that her contract with MTV is expiring. Starting next month, she’ll be a free woman and she can either do another reality TV show or she can move on to bigger and better things.

Based on what Jenelle has revealed to her fans recently, she is planning for the latter and is already lining up ideas as to what she’d like to do.

Jenelle Evans on the Dumb Blonde podcast

Jenelle Evans recently spoke with Bunnie on the Dumb Blonde podcast. And while the bit was recorded near the end of February, it was recently released, giving Teen Mom 2 fans an idea of what Jenelle has been planning to do with all of her free time once she’s free of her Teen Mom 2 contract.

While there was no talk of David Eason and the fact that Jenelle has clearly been getting closer to him following their split in October 2019, she did use his last name on the show, a clear indicator that she’s still trying to work things out.

She was even wearing her wedding ring while filming the podcast, as seen in the video that accompanied it.

Jenelle throws shade at Teen Mom 2

Despite her role on Teen Mom 2 making Jenelle Evans both famous and rich, she didn’t hold back when talking about the show and how she felt production made her look during her time on it.

She told the Dumb Blonde podcast that she was often seen as the “villain” on the show. She even went so far as to say that her replacement, Jade Cline, has now also replaced her as the villain and often gets shown in a bad light.

While Jenelle wouldn’t shy away from another reality show on MTV, she did say that she doesn’t want to be a part of Teen Mom 2 anymore and she’d only sign on for another show if it was done on her terms. That pretty much means we shouldn’t count on seeing Jenelle on MTV or any other network any time soon.

What will Jenelle Evans do without Teen Mom 2?

As for Jenelle’s future, she already has her plans lined up.

“I was thinking YouTube, podcasting, producing. I was thinking that, rather than being in the spotlight, helping out with shows. I have always like film editing,” Jenelle said.

That’s not all for this former Teen Mom 2 star though.

Jenelle Evans also revealed that she’s been thinking about writing a book with her mom, Barbara Evans. The two have had an up and down relationship in the time that they’ve both been featured on the MTV series but seem to be getting along better recently.

But are they really qualified to give mother-daughter advice? That’s what kind of book that Jenelle thinks she wants to create with her mom.

Jenelle also revealed that she’s been working on getting into modeling, as it’s something she’d really like to do and she wants to put a portfolio together.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus and is expected to return later in 2020. 

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