Jenelle Evans denies making up shooting story, calls cops ‘crooked AF’

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans has slammed the local police department. Pic credit: MTV

Jenelle Evans learned yesterday how her local police department had claimed she admitted making up the now infamous story about her husband David Eason shooting her dog Nugget earlier this year.

The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina said on Thursday that Jenelle had told investigators she falsified the story for publicity — and that they found no evidence of a shooting happening, including no blood and no dead dog, after investigating her and David’s property.

But Evans isn’t pleased with the statement. She’s now denying that she made up anything and she called the local police “crooked AF.”

It’s clear that she doesn’t agree with the police’s suggestion that she made up the story to get attention.

As a result of the alleged shooting, Jenelle lost her job with MTV’s Teen Mom 2, as they ceased all filming with her at the end of the previous season.

In addition, she temporarily lost custody of her children as a judge and CPS determined that it was a dangerous place for the kids to be if David could snap and shoot a dog for nipping their daughter Ensley.

In addition to calling the local investigators crooked, Jenelle posted a separate tweet asking fans to just “let it go” and let her live her life. She also wrote that whatever has happened was now the past, so she was asking people to move on.

Since Jenelle is no longer filming Teen Mom 2, she won’t be able to share her story on a large platform such as MTV. However, it appears that she may have plans to share her side of the story in other ways, even though she hasn’t shared what her plans are just yet. She said on her Instagram Stories earlier this week that she had been filming everything that had been happening in her life over recent months, and added in her initial tweet yesterday, “my story will be published soon.”

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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