Jen Shah claps back at RHOSLC fan who tried to shame her mental illness

Jen Shah is not here for mental health shaming.
Jen Shah is not here for mental health shaming. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah had the perfect comeback for a user who took aim at her mental state.

During filming, she dealt with a lot of issues that were triggering her anxiety including her father’s death, her husband’s frequent absence due to travel and the drama that arose with the RHOSLC cast.

Jen addressed on the show how she started to go to therapy and take medications to deal with her mental health struggles.

How the user attempted to insult Jen’s mental health

In an Instagram comment captured by @housewivesofslc, one fan dissed Jen by writing, “Jen needs meds.”

Jen used the comment as an opportunity to advocate for mental illness awareness. She started out by explaining how her mental illness issues surfaced.

“You’re right I did need meds which I talked about on the show. I lost my father and was going through stages of grief and had depression and anxiety,” she wrote in response.

She then explained that she consciously spoke about her mental illnesses on the show to raise awareness and erase the negative stigmas surrounding them.

“If your intention is to shame me for having depression and anxiety and telling me I need meds, you can’t shame me about that. I put my struggle with mental illness as a result of losing my father on display in hopes others that are struggling with mental illness, depression, anxiety, the stigma of taking meds would see that no one was perfect,” Jen continued. “We all go through something and it’s ok to get help.”

Jen then ended with a peaceful, yet strongly worded message to the fan.

“The only shame here is the shame you should feel for continuing to promote a negative stigma for mental illness and taking medication. Perhaps you should seek help, it worked for me. God Bless,” she concluded.

Jen’s larger-than-life personality

Many have wondered if Jen has put on her intense reactions for the sake of the camera.

Jen has stated that all of her emotional struggles featured on the show are, in fact, real. She even claimed that her personality has been more explosive off-camera.

“What you’re seeing on TV, that is 100 percent Jen Shah,” Jen told ET.

She added, “If anything I was probably like, more crazy off camera I think.”

Fortunately, many of the issues that she has been going through on the show have been ironed out.

She explained that the show even helped strengthen her marriage with Coach Shah. Additionally, she has teased that she will make amends with Mary Cosby whom she has been fighting with all season.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Reunion Part 1 airs on Wednesday, February 10 at 10/9c on Bravo.

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