Jed Wyatt opens up about The Bachelorette ‘secrets’ and why he hasn’t revealed them

Jed Wyatt
Jed Wyatt opens up on why he hasn’t revealed the ‘secrets’ of The Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

Jed Wyatt, arguably one of the most memorable villains in Bachelorette history, is speaking his peace — or at least he wants to.

The 28-year-old musician cemented his spot on the list of worst contestants ever. Fans learned he had a girlfriend at home after freshly getting engaged to ex-beauty queen Hannah Brown.

Following the final rose ceremony, Hannah learned her new fiance lied about his previous relationship with ex-girlfriend Haley Stevens.

Jed recently opened up on his podcast ‘Jed Talks’ on why he’s stayed silent and hasn’t revealed ‘secrets’ behind his controversial Bachelorette role.

Jed went down in Bachelorette history for his romance with Hannah Brown

Jed went from winner to most hated after the revelation he appeared on the show to promote his music career.

He planned to return to his girlfriend when the show wrapped.

Despite the rumors, Jed maintained the stance he didn’t cheat on Hannah or his ex-girlfriend. To this day, he claims the show badly edited him.

It’s clear Jed has a side of the story that Bachelor Nation hasn’t heard. However, it’s not because he doesn’t want to talk.

It’s because he doesn’t want legal problems with the series.

Jed opens up on why he hasn’t revealed The Bachelorette ‘secrets’

On his podcast, he gave a reason he can’t speak about his time on the show.

“I had to weigh out my life a little bit,” he stated on his podcast.

The musician revealed it ultimately wasn’t worth all the legalities tied to it.

“I had to decide, was it worth it for me to come out and say the things that I was going to say,” Wyatt said. “Potentially spend months in court with people that I really don’t care about at this point in my life? No.”

“I hope that some of us can put two and two together and see that there was obviously something pretty powerful that I had to say, that was worth me being sued over.”

“I would love to say those things,” he said. “Maybe there’ll be, like, a day that I’ll get to say everything.”

In the past, fellow Bachelor alum Dylan Barbour called out the Bachelor producers for the fake drama and said Jed was the “most screwed over by production” during their season.

Do you want to hear Jed’s side of the story?

The Bachelorette debuts Season 17 on June 7, 8/7c on ABC.

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