Jay Smith’s mistress Kayla calls Ashley Martson a racist, defends their relationship

Jay Smith
This breakup has been a long time coming for Jay and Ashley. Pic credit: TLC

After multiple breakup and makeups, the 90 Day Fiance couple Ashley Martson and Jay Smith have finally called it quits for good.

After reuniting during the quarantine, Jay still couldn’t be faithful.

While the relationship with Ashley is over, Jay has been very public about his relationship with another old flame.

Kayla and Jay briefly dated during his second separation from Ashley. They broke up, and he ultimately went back to try his marriage with Ashley one more time.

Kayla stated that Ashley tried to change Jay, or her exact words “dull his spirit.” She also claims  he chose her because “she knows how he deserves to be loved.”

Ashley recently blasted her

Pic Credit: @ashleye_90/Instagram

Apparently, Kayla was in Ashley’s DMs in the early hours of the morning, bragging about sleeping next to her husband. Ashley blasts her on an Instagram story and tells Jay to “pay attention to your hoe.”

Kayla refutes those accusations, saying that, “that weirdo messaged me. I’m the last person to do some weird sh*t like that period. I posted the truth on my story. No one is bragging. Leave me be.”

She made some serious accusations

While many 90 Day Fiance fans come to Ashley’s defense, Kayla sets off some serious accusations.

Kayla blasts her boyfriend’s wife. Pic Credit: @kkaylaann/Instagram

She claims that Ashley shouldn’t be defended because she’s a “racist, abusive, pos person.” While she didn’t go into detail, she made some serious accusations to her character.

Kayla and Jay are very apparently very close, and she understands why “he did the things he needed to do.”

While she does have her haters, some fans had another view.

One Instagram user wrote, “I always know that something was fishy about Jay and Ashley’s relationship, the old lady is really psycho ???. And the worst part is she always portrays herself to be innocent when she was the problem all along.”

Kayla goes on to agree with the comment and calls Ashley “a complete lunatic.” Regardless, 90 Day Fiance fans have been waiting a long time for Ashley to finally dump Jay for good.

Do you think Jay was the problem in the relationship, or has it been Ashley all along?

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus and is expected to return for a new season later this year on TLC.

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