Jay Copeland on American Idol: Who is the Platinum Ticket winner and where can you follow him on Instagram?

Jay Copeland on American Idol
Jay Copeland on American Idol. Pic credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Jay Copeland arrived on the first Monday night episode of American Idol’s 20th season.

With the show moving to two nights a week, the judges handed out the fourth and final Platinum Ticket to a singer.

This means that Jay Copeland, who received the ticket, will get to sit out a week during the Hollywood rounds, watch his competition, and pick out his own duet partner.

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It is a free ticket to move at least one round deeper into the competition.

Here is what you need to know about Jay Copeland.

Who is Jay Copeland on American Idol?

Jay Copeland is a 23-year-old singer from Salisbury, Maryland.

Jay graduated from college, where he studied music.

Jay said he was attending the University of Houston, where he was given an ultimatum. When they learned he was going on American Idol, if he left school to try it, he would be kicked out of the program.

“I was told I couldn’t have it all,” Jay said. “I dropped out and chose Idol.”

He said he wasn’t sure if it was the right decision or the wrong decision, but it was his decision as he gave up a fellowship to try out for American Idol.

Jay came out and sang Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder. The performance awarded him a standing ovation from all three judges.

There was only a little bit of hesitation when the judges decided that Jay deserved more than just the gold ticket to Hollywood. They gave him the Platinum Ticket.

“We’ve been waiting on a kid like you because you’re gonna be able to electrify a crowd. You’re perfect, in my opinion,” Luke Bryan said.

“I’ve been alive a very long time, and you don’t just jump on a Stevie Wonder song and do boxing with Stevie Wonder,” Lionel Ritchie said. “You controlled it. You did it. You owned it. And on top of that, you were having so much fun.”

“It’s the 20th year of creating superstars, and you’re a superstar. I think you are worth all of the platinum,” Katy Perry said.

Watch Jay Copeland’s entire performance below:

PLATINUM TICKET WINNER! Jay Copeland Is A Signed, Sealed, Delivered Talent - American Idol 2022

How to follow Jay Copeland on Instagram

American Idol fans can follow Jay Copeland on Instagram at @thejaycopeland.

Jay has not been prolific on Instagram, though, with only 24 posts. However, he is up to 9,375 followers, and it should get bigger as American Idol rolls on.

In a video, he thanked his fans and American Idol for the opportunity.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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