Jason Jordan: What does Leah from Teen Mom 2’s boyfriend do for a job in West Virginia?

Jason Jordan listening to Leah Messer talk on Teen Mom 2
Jason Jordan has been featured on Teen Mom 2 while dating Leah Messer. Pic credit: MTV

Jason Jordan and Leah Messer have been sharing scenes on Teen Mom 2 for a while now. On last night’s show Jason appeared wearing medical scrubs, and now viewers are wondering just what Leah’s boyfriend does for a living.

Jason and Leah have been dating on and off for nearly a year now. They were spotted together in Florida last summer, and despite their short breakup over the holidays, things appear to be going well for the Teen Mom 2 star and her boyfriend.

What is Jason Jordan’s job?

The scrubs he had on made some Teen Mom 2 viewers believe Jason was in the medical field. While that is partially correct, he is actually in pharmaceutical sales.

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According to his LinkedIn page, Jason currently works for three companies. One he has been with for seven years, and the other two are more recent.

It looks like Jason may travel outside of West Virginia into other places like Ohio and Kentucky for one of the positions he holds. His work history shows he is dedicated to what he does, and that could be a good thing for Leah.


Where do Leah and Jason stand now?

It looks like things are going well for Leah and Jason at the moment. They did have a short split up a couple of months ago, but that appears to have worked out.

Teen Mom 2 viewers have noticed how happy the reality star looks since dating Jason, something that has given her quite the glow up over the last year.

There is a significant age gap between the two but that doesn’t appear to bother either of them. Jason has a young son and was previously married. Leah has been married and divorced twice and has three little girls.

While it may be chaos when they all get together, Jason is still very much Leah’s boyfriend.

Teen Mom 2 airs Monday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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