Jared Haibon reveals the arrival of baby Dawson, gives update on Ashley Iaconetti

Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti
Jared Haibon announces the birth of their baby and how Ashley is doing. Pic credit: @ashley_iaconetti/Instagram

Jared Haibon revealed how Ashley Iaconetti is doing and how he has been handling his first couple of hours of fatherhood with his newborn baby son.

Jared took to social media to share a video, letting fans and Bachelor Nation know how their baby boy is doing and how Ashley is feeling after labor and delivery.

How are Ashley Iaconetti and Baby Dawson doing?

Jared captioned his post on Instagram and said, “Baby Dawson is here and healthy! Ashley is recovering and doing well! It really couldn’t have gone much smoother (praying hands emoji). He’s so sweet & beautiful and has been sleeping all day. Unlike his Mom and Dad who are on no sleep right now but it’s totally worth it!”

Get used to that no sleep, Jared…Welcome to parenthood!

How are fans reacting to the news?

Fans also took to Instagram to comment and give their congratulations to the first-time parents. Among the first to congratulate Jared, Ashley, and baby Dawson were Thomas Jacobs, Tanner Tolbert, Joelle Fletcher, Annaliese Puccini, and Bachelor Nation.

Lots of hearts, yays, and congratulations, and from Bachelor Nation, “Welcome to the family Baby Dawson!” were given on Jared’s post.

Pic credit: @jaredhaibon/Instagram

Jared Haibon is a proud Daddy

In his video, Jared revealed (in his Tom Brady hoodie) that “Baby Dawson is healthy, Mama Ashley is healthy, everybody’s doing well, labor went well, and so Ashley is recovering right now…Just wanted to give you an update.”

He went on to state, “We haven’t slept obviously, so we’re gonna eat and we’re gonna sleep. We’re very excited, to uh, for you guys to see Dawson.” Jared looked giddy with pride and excitement as he recorded the video for fans and Bachelor Nation. He then ended the video with a thumbs up.

Bachelor Nation can’t wait to see photos of Baby Dawson and more specifics on how much the sweet new Bachelor baby weighs, how long he was when he was born, as well as what time he was born.

Bachelor Nation and fans will patiently, but impatiently, be waiting for those details, as well as the first family photos, as Jared and Ashley grow from a family of two to a family of three.

Congratulations to Jared and Ashley on the newest addition to their family! Now bring on the pics of Baby Dawson Dimitri Haibon!

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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