Janelle Brown is ‘figuring this all out’ as she ‘rescues’ herself amid Kody split

Janelle is doing just fine without Kody’s help. Pic credit: Discovery+

Kody Brown may be out of Janelle Brown’s life, but she’s managing just fine without him.

The Sister Wives star is adjusting to her single status, and she certainly isn’t letting it get her down.

As Janelle announced on Instagram, she’s getting her trailer prepared to go into storage for the winter, so she needed some supplies to get the job done.

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During a recent outing to the home improvement store, Janelle had to call on one of her sons for some help.

The mom of six shared a selfie to her Instagram Story over the weekend as she browsed the aisles at Home Depot.

As she gazed up at the shelves, Janelle wore earbuds and looked determined to find what she needed.

Janelle Brown is ‘rescuing her own damn self’

With some help from her son, Garrison, who is a skilled handyman, Janelle was committed to getting the job done on her own and proved that she didn’t need Kody to step in and help.

janelle brown's screenshot instagram story from home depot
Janelle’s son, Garrison, helped her find the supplies she needed. Pic credit: @janellebrown117/Instagram

In the caption, Janelle wrote, “Me Face Timing [Garrison] while I’m at Home Depot trying to find the right tool! I’m going to figure this all out,” and she added a hashtag that read #rescueyourowndamnself.

As Janelle mentioned in her Instagram Reel, she’s taking it easy on herself despite wanting to “beat herself up” for overestimating how much free time she would have to get the trailer ready for the winter.

While she was still with Kody, he helped her with the yearly task, but now that she’s on her own, she’s figuring it out without his help.

Despite some roadblocks as she navigates these things solo, Janelle is keeping a positive outlook.

In the caption of her Reel, Janelle noted, “When things don’t work out – 1) Give yourself GRACE and 2) Remember failing forward is still forward motion ❤️.”

Sister Wives shocker: Janelle told Kody she wants to stay separated

This season on Sister Wives, Janelle revealed to Kody that she wants to remain separated. Kody was a bit shocked — especially since he felt he was irresistible to her because of his rockin’ body and his wads of cash — that she didn’t want to work things out and that she was enjoying life without him in it.

Kody blamed his divorce from Christine for sabotaging his other relationships. But Janelle felt that he needed to man up and still tend to their marriage, despite what was going on between him and any of his other wives.

“Well, be a man, separate your relationships like you have for our entire plural marriage, and pay attention here,” Janelle confessed.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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