Sister Wives: Janelle tells Kody she wants to stay separated — What does this mean for their future?

Janelle has a lot to consider now that she’s no longer with Kody. Pic credit: Discovery+

Now that Janelle Brown is separated from Kody Brown, her future looks much brighter.

At least, that’s what Sister Wives fans think.

Admittedly, Janelle struggled with calling it quits on her and Kody’s spiritual marriage after 29 years as husband and wife.

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On Sunday night, however, Sister Wives viewers watched as Janelle told Kody that she wanted to remain separated.

On the heels of their explosive argument that took place during Season 18, Episode 3, Janelle and Kody finally met up for lunch to discuss their marriage after weeks of not speaking.

During their discussion, Kody admitted to Janelle that he was “transmuting” his grief over Christine, leaving him into anger and that it was being aimed at her.

“I’m just not a safe place for you to have a conversation,” Kody told Janelle. “So, just one trigger after another just set me off.”

Janelle isn’t ready to take Kody back following their separation

During a confessional, Janelle clarified that she wasn’t buying Kody’s load of crap and felt he needed to find courage and compartmentalize his emotions.

“Well, my relationship with you is crap because I’m so angry about this divorce. Well, be a man, separate your relationships like you have for our entire plural marriage, and pay attention here,” was Janelle’s message to Kody during a solo confessional.

Back at the lunch table, after some awkward silence, Janelle told Kody that after giving it some thought, she wasn’t ready to make nice just yet.

“I do think I want to stay separated for now,” Janelle told Kody with conviction.

Kody looked taken aback and had a blank stare on his face for a few seconds before he comprehended what Janelle just told him.

“Really? You want to stay separated?” Kody asked concerningly.

“Yeah, I do,” Janelle responded.

Sister Wives bombshell: This wasn’t the first time Kody and Janelle have separated

Shockingly, Kody revealed that he and Janelle have already been separated two or three times in the past. According to Kody’s recollection, their separations occurred because Janelle couldn’t “manage” their relationships with her sister wives, Meri, Christine, and Robyn.

Although Janelle still needed some time to sort out her emotions, she did offer to attend counseling with Kody and admitted that she still has a “lot of affection” for him.

Off camera, we know that Janelle and Kody have remained separated. So although this is their third or fourth split, it looks as though this one may be the real deal.

Was Kody and Janelle’s fight the last straw in their marriage?

Last month, Janelle spoke with PEOPLE and shared that as a newly-single woman, she has “[the] infinite ability to choose what my next chapter looks like, to redefine myself, to recreate myself, transform into whatever I want to be.”

“I have so many opportunities now. Huge opportunities. So I’m excited for this next chapter,” Janelle added.

Even though her polygamous marriage to Kody didn’t work out, Janelle is still surprisingly willing to give plural marriage another shot. For Janelle, dating again is off the table for at least another 10 years or so, but in the meantime, she’s contemplated polygamy as a viable option in her future.

“I would actually consider a plural marriage because I really do love the freedom and the independence that it gave me, and I think it was a good fit for me,” Janelle revealed to PEOPLE.

As far as we know, Janelle has remained in Flagstaff, where Kody and Robyn are living harmoniously with their five kids in their sprawling home. Meanwhile, Janelle and her teenage daughter Savanah are living in cramped quarters in an apartment about 30 minutes away.

Will Janelle move back to Utah?

This season on Sister Wives, Christine Brown questioned why Janelle is choosing to stay in Flagstaff, and even suggested that she follow her lead and move back to Utah.

Janelle admitted that she has considered relocating to the Beehive State, but her ties to Flagstaff are holding her back.

And if it were up to Sister Wives fans, who have been cheering on Janelle post-split for months, Janelle would take a chapter out of Christine’s book and get out of Dodge.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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