Jana Duggar returns to social media with Mother’s Day tribute to Michelle Duggar

Jana Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jana Duggar shares tribute to Michelle Duggar on Mother’s Day. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar returned to social media after weeks away to share a Mother’s Day tribute to her mom.

Michelle Duggar has made a lasting impact on her daughter’s life, one that she documented within her post.

As the eldest daughter of the Duggar children, Jana has been Michelle’s right hand for most of her life. From helping with chores to teaching the kids who came after her, the Counting On star has done it all.

Jana’s tribute to Michelle

All of the praises Jana Duggar sang for her mother reflected in the photos she chose to share. Michelle has raised a brood of children, many of whom are married and beginning their own families.

Several throwback photos were included to showcase the early years of Michelle Duggar and her mothering.

From helping John-David and Jana fish with a baby on her hip to a more dressed up photo with several of the Duggar kids in front of what appears to be a church, it was clear that she was all in when it came to motherhood.

Typically, Jana Duggar doesn’t say much about her personal life on social media. She often shares photos or verses, but when she does talk about family, the words are written from the heart.

She wants to be more like Michelle Duggar and has learned a lot from being her sidekick of sorts.

Where has Jana Duggar been?

Seeing Jana Duggar return to social media on Mother’s Day wasn’t shocking. Her last post was of her in her garden, tending to what she loves doing on April 22.

She wouldn’t miss a chance to praise her mother on a special day. Jana is the oldest Duggar daughter who is not yet married. She is the only adult female child living at the compound as well.

Next in line behind her is Johannah, who will turn 15 later this year.

Counting On fans are excited to see where Jana will go in life, with special interest focused on when she will get married and begin a family.

She has been linked to various people, including both Lawson Bates and her best friend, Laura DeMasie.

Hopefully, Jana Duggar will continue to post as the weeks go on while there are still plenty of people quarantined at home.

The show is not currently airing, leaving social media as the only way of keeping up with the Duggar crew and what has been happening in their lives.

Counting On is currently on hiatus, but it is expected to return to TLC later this year.

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