Jana Duggar comments on her personal life: Is she in a courtship?

Jana Duggar on Counting On
Jana Duggar is still single. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar has been the subject of rumors for years. As the eldest Duggar daughter, there has been immense pressure for her to marry off like her younger siblings.

There has been some speculation that Jana Duggar’s friend, Laura DeMasie has been more than that for a while now. The rumors were denied by the Duggar friend, but Jana has remained quiet about her personal life for the most part.

Jana Duggar speaks out about her love life

Recently, Jana Duggar joined Instagram and became active on social media. For a long time, she remained behind the scenes and shared photos on the Duggar family pages. Now, Jana is ready to share some moments from her personal life from her own perspective.

The Ashley discovered a now-deleted comment from Instagram where Jana Duggar responded to a fan about the rumors she is involved with Laura DeMasie. She confirmed that she has courted a few men in the past but none of them worked into a relationship.

All of her sisters over 18 have already been married. In fact, Jana Duggar helped all of her siblings with their weddings. She appears joyful while doing it and she is arguably the most talented Duggar when it comes to decor and logistics.

What is next for Jana Duggar?

At this point, it looks like Jana Duggar is content with where her life is right now. She is gardening and decorating while helping with the children who are still at home.

There has been some buzz that another Duggar is courting. Jason Duggar is rumored to be involved with Lauren Caldwell. Could this be the next event that Jana Duggar will help plan?

Counting On is expected to return to TLC sometime this summer.

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