Jana Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett share ‘twinning’ photo on Instagram

Jana Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jana Duggar shared an adorable photo on Instagram. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar is living her best life while in California with the other Duggar family members. They finally went to visit Jinger and Jeremy, but this is Jana’s second time seeing her sister on the West Coast.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar and several of the littler siblings took a trip to the Grand Canyon and then headed up to see Jinger. Also along for the ride were John-David Duggar, Abbie Grace Burnett, Josh and Anna Duggar, their children, and of course, Jana.

While the family has been sharing various vacation photos from their trip to California, Jana Duggar shared the most adorable one. She and Abbie Grace were dressed in identical outfits and she captioned the photo “Twinning.”

There has been a lot of pressure on Jana Duggar to get married. It has been heavy since her sisters began the process of marrying off and building families. The increase came last year when her twin brother, John-David Duggar married Abbie Grace Burnett. She is now the eldest Duggar not married, which is rumored to be a big deal for her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

The photo she shared with Abbie Grace Burnett on Instagram showed there are no hard feelings between the women. Jana Duggar accepts her sister-in-law and the two may even have a tighter bond because of how close the twins are. Both have been pillars of the Duggar family, especially after Josh Duggar’s scandal broke in 2015.

While in California, Jana has been enjoying the beach, having coffee, and shopping with her family. Back when she visited Jinger the first time, followers had hoped she would move there as she appeared truly happy.

Seeing Jana Duggar bond with her sister-in-law while on the trip was a pleasant surprise. Previously, Counting On viewers haven’t seen much of Jana and Abbie Grace together.

Counting On returns Tuesday, October 15 at 9/8c on TLC.

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