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Jamie Otis shares one perk about no longer hosting Unfiltered

Jamie Otis smiles
After several years, Jamie Otis will no longer host Unfiltered. Pic credit: Lifetime

Jamie Otis was let go from her long run as host of the MAFS show Unfiltered, where she interviewed current MAFS cast members before or after each episode. 

Some MAFS viewers were sad to see Jamie lose her hosting role, and Jamie also seemed disheartened to say goodbye as she revealed she was blindsided when she got the boot. 

While Jamie may feel disappointed about no longer hosting Unfiltered, she has been able to find one positive about being relieved of her hosting duties. 

Jamie Otis gets to watch Married at First Sight spoiler-free

Married at First Sight’s Instagram page shared a festive photo of the upcoming Married at First Sight Season 14 Boston cast to promote the premiere. 

Many former MAFS stars commented under the post, voicing their support and excitement for the all-new season. 

Married at First Sight OG and former Unfiltered host Jamie Otis also commented on the post with what she’s looking forward to this next MAFS season.

Jamie commented, “I’m most excited to watch it without ANY spoilers!…perks to no longer hosting the after show [praise hands emoji] [red heart emoji].”

Jamie Otis' comment
Pic credit: @jamienotis/Instagram

As host of Unfiltered, Jamie often filmed with the current MAFS castmates after their season wrapped, so it’s likely she was always aware of who was still married and who got divorced. 

Now that Jamie won’t have up close and personal access to the end results of the season, she’s looking forward to getting to watch just as a fan and be surprised by how the season unfolds just like the rest of the general audience. 

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Who is replacing Jamie Otis on the MAFS after show?

News of Jamie no longer hosting Unfiltered, led to many fans speculating on who would take her place. 

While some Married at First Sight viewers really wanted to see Gil Cuero from Married at First Sight Season 13 take on the hosting gig, Lifetime chose to go in another direction rather than choose a former MAFS cast member. 

Instead, Lifetime announced that former star of The Cosby Show, Keshia Knight-Pulliam, will host a MAFS after-show called Married at First Sight: Afterparty. 

Keshia will interview MAFS cast members and make her hosting debut as soon as next year when Married at First Sight returns for its 14th season. 

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5 at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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  1. Really miss Jamie hosting Unfiltered. She did a super job, had been in that position herself so she has insight to what the participants were going through. Kind of sad, if you’re a white woman, you are no longer welcome to be a host on a reality show. At least in the first episode Keisha Knight Pulliam is friendly and does a good job interviewing, much better than Tyra Banks on Dancing with the Stars.

  2. I agree white women are no longer welcome have to be pc now Jamie could understand where the couples were coming from, Experience doesn’t count any more.

  3. Ohhh I got say very disappointed Jamie’s not hosting! Been watching from the beginning love her than and grew to love her even more all these years! Please keep us still in the loop with Couples cam! Miss you already Jamie! ♥️😘😘

  4. I was super stunned not to see Unfiltered on after MAFS. Kept searching for it thinking it will be on next or next week. I feel super sad that Jamie lost her position with the show Unfiltered, let’s call it as it is, obvious they let Jamie go without warning for no other reason than she NOT a women of color. Really… this is unreal.
    The new women of color host Keshia is already exploring conversations concerning how black people were treated years ago. Is this really necessary? Why has MAFS decided to go there? Why are you stirring the pot? There are many White people who have been treated horrible back in the day as well. Poor people were not able to do many things, Not just black. (Ex:women could not vote)
    I’m stunned this show is pushing BLM as hard as they are. Just a few seasons ago I began to notice the camera was ZOOMING close focusing on tshirts worn by cast members & apartment wall signs with Black Lives Matter. Why do you feel it’s necessary to be pushing that way? Let’s just keep it fair- EVERYONE MATTERS! Life now offers a lot better days for many, heck producers or talent agents are searching for and “even asking good looking -we’ll figured women of color” to be on the show” stated by Jasmina. She didn’t apply- they approached her!
    “Quoted by Jasmina” Yet the show fires Jamie because she’s a white Girl. I’m disgusted. Also, y’all think adding cocktails to the show is a good idea? What!?… are we somehow trying to follow the Bombed out show- cocktails with Chloe Kardashian?
    I’m so disgusted with this show. Another prime example of letting a good person go for no other reason than to score points & ratings with more people of color. In future shows I won’t be surprised to see 4-5 new couples being all of color & No whites will surprisingly be matched. Slowly moving to be called married at first sight, BLM. Life keeps proving it’s not always fair.. someone pays for others downfalls.
    So completely Sorry for Jamie… you will be missed.


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