Jamie Otis shares her ‘unpopular opinion’ about Chris and Alyssa

Jamie Otis
Jamie Otis reveals if she sees potential in a controversial Married at First Sight Season 14 couple. Pic credit: Lifetime

Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette are the final Married at First Sight Season 14 couple to get married, and the future is not looking too bright for the couple.

In previews for the upcoming episode, it seems the pair wastes no time hitting a rough patch with Alyssa looking upset and confronting Chris in her wedding dress. 

Most MAFS viewers seem to be in agreement that Chris and Alyssa’s marriage is already doomed, however, Married at First Sight OG, Jamie Otis has a different more hopeful outlook on the couple. 

Chris Collette and Alyssa Ellman aren’t on the same page 

Married at First Sight’s IG page promoted the upcoming episode with a preview of Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette’s wedding, and it looks awkward, to say the least. 

In the preview, Chris clearly seems enthused about being matched with Alyssa, declaring he thinks she’s beautiful and sees no red flags. Meanwhile, Alyssa appears to not be attracted to Chris at all and acts very uncomfortable around him, especially when they’re expected to touch or show affection. 

If this sounds familiar, it’s likely because Jamie Otis and her MAFS husband Doug Hehner were in a very similar position when they got married on the first season of Married at First Sight. 

Doug found Jamie to be a gorgeous bride, but Jamie had an emotional breakdown on her wedding day as she wasn’t attracted to Doug and was unsure if she had made a huge mistake marrying a stranger. 

However, over time, Jamie and Doug fell in love with one another and have remained married to this day. 

Jamie Otis has an unpopular view of Alyssa and Chris

Being married for years and having two kids, Jamie and Doug have become the original proof that daringly marrying a stranger on television can really work. 

So Jamie’s comment on the recent MAFS Season 14 post is quite telling as she has more insight than most on how a dire first meeting can blossom into something beautiful.

In Jamie’s comment, she answered the question posed in the post’s caption, asking, “Will Chris and Alyssa get on the same page of their love story”

Jamie responded, writing, “Unpopular opinion: they’re gonna shock us all and make it. She’s probably just super overwhelmed & scared because she just married a complete stranger…but he seems like the most patient, cool, dude who will sweep her off her feet within days!” 

Jamie Otis comment
Pic credit: @jamienotis/Instagram

Jamie’s response was met with comments from people who agreed with the former Unfiltered host and believed Alyssa and Chris could somehow end up like Jamie and Doug. 

Chris certainly has his work cut out for him in terms of winning Alyssa’s heart, but as Jamie Otis knows, it can be done. 

Do you agree with Jamie that Chris and Alyssa could shock everyone and fall in love? 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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Chris is Gross
Chris is Gross
2 years ago

First of all, I’m not a fan of how Chris looks either. Alyssa said she wanted someone with good teeth and the show zoomed in on Chris’s yellow, crooked, pointy, jagged heinous teeth. He should immediately buy some Crest White strips and invest in braces. He needs to shave off his beard because it will never grow in full and looks like a 13-year-old boy’s pre-pubescent peach fuzz. It wouldn’t hurt to shed 25-30 pounds and hit the gym. Furthermore, all of his friends threw him under the bus. They made him sound like a total loser. He won’t rock anyone’s world!

Joy A Kinnison
Joy A Kinnison
2 years ago

Bring Jamie back!

2 years ago

Bring Jamie back
2 years ago

Alyssa has mental issues. Her friend stated on a site that she was diagnosed as skitzo and told DR she will not be going back and refused to take the meds and they better not document it on her charts. That might be why she acts the way she does as she is hearing and seeing things NOT THERE! Maybe MAFS should update contract for mental illness that if it becomes noticeable, they can void the contract. Such a shame as this is chris 2nd time going on the interview, just not picked first time.