Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner moving into an RV — Sold home and most of their possessions

MAFS stars Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner have sold their home and material possessions to move into and RV
Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner moving into RV with their kids. Pic credit:@hangingwiththehehners/YouTube

Married at First Sight star Jamie Otis has finally shared the big news she’s been teasing the past few days and it’s certainly not what anyone expected. Jamie and her husband Doug Hehner have sold their home and are moving into an RV with their two kids!

It seems the family is trying to simplify their life and get back to basics based on what Jamie revealed in her post, which was shared on social media only hours ago.

However, the Hehners didn’t just sell their New Jersey property, but they sold the majority of their material possessions as well.

The Hehners are moving into an RV

The Married at First Sight alum shared a cute photo of her family dressed in matching pumpkin outfits and she had a surprising announcement.

“We put our pumpkins out on our front porch for the last time!? We have SOLD our NJ home & like 80% of our things (to a Fran nonetheless☺️)!!!” confessed Jamie. “We are moving our family of 4 into an RV and we are hoping that by decluttering & simplifying our lives we will be able to strengthen our marriage & focus on what’s most important in life: family & love.”

Those who follow Jamie and Doug on Patreon channel already knew about the shocking news because the couple went live and shared all the details about their new adventure earlier in the day.

Jamie Otis plans to document their journey

Before ending her post, the former Married at First Sight star shared that they would be documenting their new journey and keeping their followers in the loop.

“We plan on documenting & sharing our journey every step of the way here on IG, on our Hanging with the Hehners YouTube channel, & on our private Hanging With The Hehners Patreon community,” said Jamie. “I feel so BLESSED to have such a loving, loyal community of girlfrans here on my little corner of the gram! Thank YOU for always giving us so much encouragement & support!”

Jamie’s announcement might come as a shock to some people. When she teased the big surprise days ago, many people felt the couple was having another baby, or getting their own reality TV show. However, some people actually guessed correctly.

Jamie wrote, “I feel like you know us so well too bc like half of you either guessed we were adopting (i would love to in the future!!!) or that we are selling our home & moving into an RV! I couldn’t believe how many of you guessed right!!”

“It’s so cool to feel so connected to so many amazing women all over the world through social media! I’m hoping to grow closer to y’all with our HWTH YouTube & Patreon channels!” she added.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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