Jamie Otis reflects on ‘toxic’ past, admits to feeling ‘ashamed’ about living in a trailer park

MAFS star Jamie Otis screenshot
Jamie Otis reflects on her toxic past. Pic credit: Hanging with the Hehners/YouTube

Jamie Otis has come a long way since their trailer park days, but that doesn’t mean she’s been able to put the past behind her.

While she’s living a beautiful life today with a stunning home, a doting husband, and two lovely kids, her life was far from perfect growing up.

Admittedly, Jamie was once embarrassed about their poor upbringing, and she recently reflected on that on social media.

When we first met Jamie in 2014, during the first season of Married at First Sight, she was honest about her upbringing.

Not only did she tell her new husband, Doug Henher, about her past, but she also took him to the trailer park where she once lived with her siblings and her mom-who was hooked on drugs.

It was an emotional moment for Jamie, who, by that time, had already left that life behind and was working as a registered nurse.

However, no matter how much time has passed, the mom of two will never forget her past.

MAFS star Jamie Otis admits to being ‘ashamed’ of her trailer park past

If there’s one thing Jamie Otis will do, it’s pour her heart out on social media, and she did just that in a very lengthy Instagram post.

“For a long time I was ashamed of my past and where I came from,” wrote Jamie. “There were times I didn’t see a way out of the trailer park, domestic violence, and welfare lifestyle I had been raised in.”

Jamie revealed that once she started to believe in herself, that’s when her life began to turn around.

Much like the movie, Yes Man, the 37-year-old decided to say yes to all the opportunities that came her way, which changed her life.

She had an awkward stint on The Bachelor in 2012, but her decision to get Married at First Sight led to a husband, kids, and a slew of other opportunities.

“I’ve learned a lot since I’ve left the trailer park,” noted Jamie in her post. “My favorite lesson is knowing now that my struggles and pain from my past are what gives me the strength I have today. It’s made me who I am. I learned to be grateful…even for the hard times.”

Doug Hehner tells his wife Jamie Otis, ‘I see you’

Jamie got a slew of support from her Instagram followers after opening up about her feelings.

However, it was her husband, Doug’s sweet words that drew our attention.

“You are my inspiration everyday. I see you and I love you!” he wrote.

Doug Hehner shows love to his wife on Instagram
Pic credit: @jamienotis/Instagram

The couple has been through a lot throughout their marriage, including losing their son Jonathan in 2016 and struggling to have another child over the past few years.

They’ve also opened up about their marital issues, but through it all they’ve remained committed to each other and committed to making their marriage work.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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