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Jamie Otis announces departure from MAFS Unfiltered, says she ‘found out unexpectedly’

Jamie Otis announces departure from Married at First Sight Unfiltered
Jamie Otis is leaving Married at First Sight Unfiltered. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight alum Jamie Otis just shared some unexpected news about her role as host of Married at First Sight: Unfiltered. Going forward, there will be a new host as Jamie just announced her departure from the show which features participants from the current season opening up about each episode.

It’s not clear why the network decided to end their relationship with Jamie but she shared the news on social media hours ago and admitted that she found out unexpectedly. However, the mom-of-two is taking it all in stride and says she will use the time to focus more on her family.

Jamie Otis dropped as Married at First Sight: Unfiltered host

The Married at First Sight alum is very open with her fans and she shared the news with her Instagram followers a few hours ago.

“I wanted you to hear this from me first bc I myself found out unexpectedly,” said Jamie. “I won’t be hosting MAFS: Unfiltered this season🥲 Please read my whole statement before making assumptions…”

She shared, “Hosting MAFS was my absolute dream job💯⁣ I began hosting that amazing show 10 seasons ago… I was on set shooting in Florida when I began losing my first son (I bledddd through pad after pad while interviewing cast members) but I didn’t stop working bc I knew if the host left, the show obviously couldn’t go on.⁣”

“I hosted while SUPER pregnant [with] my rainbow baby,” she continued.

Jamie Otis gets support from husband Doug Hehner

The Married at First Sight alum continued to reminisce about her time as host of the spinoff show and later thanked the network for giving her the opportunity.

⁣”I hosted this show immediately (literally a few weeks) after giving birth to my son. We set up studio in my living room during quarantine ⁣. I have given my ALL to married at first sight bc in a lot of ways it has given its ALL to me,” wrote Jamie.

“That show, the network, and the production team *deserved* all I had to give. If it hadn’t been for them I wouldn’t have my hubby or our beautiful children AND lil ‘ole trailer park girl-ME!-hosting a national television show on an incredible network like lifetime?”

Before ending her post Jamie thanked the network and crew and later added, ⁣”Sometimes it takes the rug being ripped out from under ya to MOVE into good changes!”

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After sharing her post Jamie got lots of support from her followers and husband Doug Hehner.

“Your dream was to be a TV host, and you achieved that…So proud of my wife, her hustle, and how she has time to be a great wife and mother on top of everything else she does is beyond inspiring,” commented Doug.

Doug Hehner supports Jamie Otis following departure from MAFS Unfiltered
Pic credit: jamienotis/Instagram

Will you miss Jamie Otis as host of Married At First Sight: Unfiltered, or is it time for a change?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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28 thoughts on “Jamie Otis announces departure from MAFS Unfiltered, says she ‘found out unexpectedly’”

  1. I’ll miss you, sweet lady. You are real, unpretentious and yet, so adorable! I can’t imagine you not being the host. But, Jamie…you are tenacious and I feel certain that TV hasn’t seen the last of Jamie Ottis!

    • I will def. miss her as the host! She is a staple of the show! Please don’t replace her! I aprreciate her realness and she’s been through all the same things as the cast and can relate so there is no better person as host. We’ve followed her journey from the beginning and will be sad to see her go. :(

  2. I hate when people are let go of their jobs out of the blue. Jamie does a fantastic job. She’s very likable and down to earth. I am always a loyal person so will no longer be watching if they replace her.

  3. Jamie Ottis did a great job of keeping things real, no fancy clothing just a mom doing her job and pulling a few things from her closet to wear. No designer outfits with her boobs hanging out.. It’s a shame they are removing a real mom and wife…

  4. Jamie, was a breath of fresh air, a great interviewer, and I enjoyed her ability to
    bring out the best in people ! Jamie, hope you reach further into the stars, because
    you have all it takes to be greater star ! I am very disappointed, In Marriage at First Sight, Jamie was the reason I watched the show.

    Lynne King

  5. That sucks! She has been great all these seasons why change now? If it ain’t broke….
    Dont blame the awful cast members of season 13 on her. Bring her back!

  6. Noooo! I was so afraid you would be leaving because of your recent RV move but not because they let you go!! Shame on them!!! I don’t see anyone else filling your OGMAFSQUEEN shoes! I’m truly sad to hear this news!

  7. She is the OGQUEEN of mafs! She was nothing but honest, transparent to say the least! Shared VERY raw emotions and births on tv!!! Funny, and I thought as a host she was awesome! Shame on whoever thought this was a good decision!

  8. I find it incredible that she was released. She has been a fabulous host! Always professional and always neutral even when a side could be taken. I’m going to miss her. I have watched MAFS since the beginning. May have to find a new favorite show. Thanks Jamie for being so real. You qill be missed.

  9. I must be psychic. I was thinking the other day how it’s time for a host change on MAFS Unfiltered. Jamie’s been there long enough; time for a fresh face and new perspective. The only problem is: With the terrible track record the “experts” have at making matches that last, who are they going to find to replace her that is still married?

  10. I’m so sad to hear this! Jamie was such a important anf fun part of MAFS this past season was such a bore it was nice to have her fun and excitement there to lighten it up I guess now all we’ll have is boring!!

  11. So sad to hear that Jamie has left the show hosting I have been watching married at first sight from the very beginning I was used to watching her on unfiltered good luck Jamie great job

  12. I am sad to see her go. I don’t think you should mess with success she was always sincere. I have a feeling things will now be scripted to the nth degree when and if they continue this show.

  13. I think Gil has taken her job and Myrla was not having it. It felt like he was interviewing for some MAFS position all season. Foul for the to drop her with no warning. Best of luck supermom!

  14. I think Jami is amazing and they made a big mistake. I also feel they might have made their decision bc she was a role model and they probably didn’t like her recent instagram posts. Jami is real, and down to earth but I feel when you’re in the public eye and a role model you can’t tell ppl you’re having marital problems and depressed. Best of luck, you have a beautiful family and amazing husband.

  15. I have been thinking that Beth wants the position for some time now. It’s just obvious by the way she has acted on these shows. I wouldn’t put it past her to have lobbied for it and got it.

  16. You will surely be missed by me!!! I have watched since the beginning!! Best of luck in your next endeavor!! Live, live and enjoy your beautiful family! The best is yet to come!!

  17. I have been watching
    MMAFS since the beginning. I have watched unfiltered, the reunion shows, couples cam, etc., and have yet to see anyone else I think is relatable enough to watch. I guess all good things must come to an end.


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