Jamie Otis claps back at ‘rude’ commenter who claimed she and Doug Hehner looked happier before marriage

MAFS star Jamie Otis clapped back after Instagram user leaves rude comment on her post
Jamie Otis responds to a rude comment. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight alum Jamie Otis recently put a social media user in her place following a rude comment on her latest post.

Jamie shares a lot of her life online and that comes with its share of criticism. Most recently she posted about her battle with depression and one commented on Jamie’s marriage to husband Doug Hehner, but the reality TV personality quickly clapped back.

Jamie Otis claps back at rude commenter

The Married at First Sight alum has a lot going on right now and she’s shared it all on social media. However, her latest Instagram post garnered a nasty comment and Jamie decided not to let it slide.

Jamie posted two photos of herself and her husband Doug. In the first picture–which was a throwback of a tough therapy session between Doug and Jamie from a few weeks ago–they looked sad. In the other photo, the duo appears to be at some sort of event, and they are both smiling.

However, on the sad photo, Jamie wrote, “Struggles with depression and anxiety” and on the happy photo she wrote, “Also struggles with depression and anxiety.”

While she got a lot of support from her followers one person missed the point and wrote, “Not to be rude, but both of you looked a lot happier before marriage.”

“If you start something ‘not to be rude’ then you know your comment will be rude, ” responded Jamie.”You are deliberately being rude and it’s plain as day.”

MAFS star Jamie Otis claps back at rude commenter
Pic credit:@jamienotis/Instagram

Jamie Otis talks depression and anxiety

The Married at First Sight star may have taken a moment to clap back at a fan, but the point of her post was to open up about her battle with depression and anxiety.

“Be kind to everyone you meet, they may be fighting a battle you can’t see,” wrote Jamie. “When I was in elementary school I remember asking my mom why the counselor lady kept asking me if I felt safe at home. My mom told me not to say a thing to her. She said if I even gave a hint that I didn’t feel safe the lady would take me away…”

Jamie continued, “Even though I didn’t say a peep, I instantly became terrified I’d be taken away from my mommy and siblings…I spent the next 20 years pretending everything in my life was perfect. I’ve spent the majority of my life sweeping problems under the rug so I could show everyone I am strong, beautiful, & worthy.”

“I’m now on a mission not only to raise my daughter & son differently but also to reverse this mentality that has been drilled into my brain,” added the mom-of-two.

“If you’ve been struggling inside while doing your best to only show a strong, beautiful, worthy you on the outside I hope you know this, it takes a STRONG person to share their struggles,” added Jamie.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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