James Kennedy is engaged! Vanderpump Rules star popped the question and Raquel Leviss said yes

Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy film for the Vanderpump Rules reunion
Raquel Leviss and James Kennedy announced their engagement on social media. Pic credit: Bravo

Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy proposed to his girlfriend Raquel Leviss on Friday, May 14.

The pair announced their engagement two days later on Sunday, May 16 via social media.

In James’s social media post, he and Raquel kiss under the moonlight. James holds out his arm while Raquel rests her hand on James’s face showing off her new diamond.

James wears a cosmic sports jacket while Raquel wears a long-sleeved, sparkly lace dress.

“THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, said yes,” James captioned the post.

How James proposed to Raquel

The newly engaged couple has been filming for Vanderpump Rules with the rest of the Season 9 cast. It appears the group took a trip to the Empire Polo Club where Coachella is typically held.

The group celebrated a Coachella-inspired event titled Rachella during which James proposed to Raquel. Raquel depicted the evening in her own Instagram post about the proposal.

“James proposed at the iconic Empire Polo Fields of ‘RACHELLA’ Friday night… and I said YES! I’m over the Coachella moon,” Raquel captioned her own Instagram post.

Rachelle uploaded a collage of pictures to celebrate the occasion.

In her first pic, she shows off her new engagement ring. The second picture is another snap of the couple kissing, similar to the one in James’s post.

A third picture features the couple posing in front of balloons that read “RACHELLE.” The fourth slide is a video of the pair adorably dancing together.

Lastly, the fifth picture shows the sign for the Empire Polo Club which read “WELCOME R CHELLA.” The “A” may have been missing, but it’s cool enough having an event inspired by your name on the official venue of Coachella.

Since the proposal is taking place while Vanderpump Rules is filming, it may very well be featured in Season 9.

James and Raquel’s relationship

James and Raquel started dating in 2016. The couple has endured its fair share of hardships.

At one point, James was accused of cheating on Raquel. Ironically, the alleged incident happened at Coachella. The girl who claimed to have slept with James alerted Raquel, but Raquel stayed by his side.

Viewers also saw some of the rockiest moments of their relationship during the most recent season of Vanderpump Rules.

James had a bad habit of lashing out at Raquel verbally and over text when he was inebriated. Many fans were concerned and deemed their relationship toxic and abusive.

Eventually, Raquel put her foot down and gave James an ultimatum. She said she would leave him if he didn’t stop drinking.

This caused James to take the plunge and start living a sober lifestyle. This move ultimately saved their relationship and got them to where they are today.

Vanderpump Rule is currently on hiatus at Bravo.

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