Jackie Goldschneider admits she was ‘desperate’ to be on RHONJ and here’s why

RHONJ star Jackie Goldschneider Instagram selfie
Jackie Goldschneider gets honest about her RHONJ casting. Pic credit: @jackiegoldschneider/Instagram

Jackie Goldschneider has a new book out, and during a recent promo stop, she got real about wanting to be on TV.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star didn’t hold back during her chat with castmate and friend Melissa Gorga as she confessed to being “desperate” to get on the show.

Jackie joined the Jersey franchise in Season 9, and she wasn’t scared to go head-to-head with Teresa Giudice.

However, she got mocked by the Trehuggers for being a fan, as photos emerged of Jackie, years prior, at a bookstore trying to get an autograph and a photo with Teresa.

Meanwhile, Jackie, who has now been downgraded to a friend on the franchise, is not ashamed to admit how badly she wanted to get cast on the show.

However, there was a reason why she was so hell-bent on becoming a reality TV star, and she got honest about that in a recent interview.

Jackie Goldschneider explains why she was ‘desperate’ to be on RHONJ

Jackie was a guest on the podcast On Display with Melissa Gorga, where she discussed her book, The Weight of Beautiful.

The book chronicles Jackie’s scary battle with an eating disorder, and during the chat, she talked about not loving herself when she was overweight.

The mom of four struggled in high school and college, but after she got thin, she was treated differently, but still trying to find acceptance.

Jackie recounted the moment she was called in to audition for RHONJ and shared why she wanted so desperately to join the franchise.

“That was just another example of something that I thought would make people love me, and I went after it so ferociously,” said Jackie.

“I was so — I would say at the beginning and for a few years — desperate to be on the show,” confessed the 46-year-old, who said she didn’t value herself.

“I felt like, oh my God, this is it! If I’m on the show, then people will love me,” said Jackie.

Melissa Gorga applauds Jackie Goldschneider for her honesty

At the time of being cast on RHONJ, Jackie had not yet confronted her eating disorder, but she has since made major strides and is now in therapy.

Meanwhile, Melissa also remembers how excited Jackie was to be a Jersey Housewife and all the glitz and glamor that came with it.

“I will never forget how open and honest your reactions were to me…you were like, ‘I can’t believe I’m sitting here with Melissa Gorga…I can’t believe I’m gonna be on this red carpet,'” recounted Melissa.

“I didn’t belittle you for saying that,” continued the Envy by MG founder. “I looked at you like wow … I thought that was very refreshing about you.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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