Izzy Gleicher from Big Brother 25 releases new music

Izzy BB25 Eviction
The Big Brother 2023 cast featured Izzy Gleicher. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Isabel “Izzy” Gleicher played the flute professionally before she joined the Big Brother 25 cast.

She is still at it in he life, and now Izzy has released some new music.

Fans can listen to the new track called You so… on Spotify under her artist name, Isabel Lepanto Gleicher.

It’s no surprise that Cirie Fields appears on the track, especially after the duo was so close in the Big Brother house.

Izzy worked very closely with Cirie and her son, Jared Fields, but she was eliminated before the jury phase began.

Izzy got evicted on Day 44 and finished the season in 12th place. Cirie lasted much longer, getting to Day 93 before her elimination.

Jag Bains was named the Big Brother 25 winner in a 5-2 vote over Matt Klotz. Bowie Jane finished in third place.

Izzy Gleicher releases new music on Spotify

“I write music constantly and rarely release it. But this is a little something I started in November 2023 after finale night of Big Brother,” Izzy captioned a new Instagram post.

“Loosely dedicated to my BB25 cast mates. Primarily dedicated to the one who continues to clean me up a little bit. Thank you @cirie_fields,” the caption continued.

While the track mostly focuses on the music that Izzy is presenting, it has some spoken words from Cirie.

“It’s a slightly different listening experience. My music (kind of like me) is very stream of consciousness. Put it on and let your mind wander for 11:06,” Izzy tells her fans.

Izzy also notes that she wrote, performed, recorded, and produced the track.

Below is the Spotify preview for You so… by Izzy Gleicher.

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All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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