Is Uncle Nino pulling women after appearances on Jersey Shore Family Vacation? The cast shares stories during Friendsgiving

Vinny and his hilarious Uncle Nino in the Jersey Shore Family Vacation confessional
On A Very Jersey Friendsgiving, the Jersey Shore cast questions Uncle Nino about hooking up. Pic credit: MTV

Uncle Nino Giaimo is a star. Vinny’s over-the-top uncle has made quite a name for himself over the years after appearing on the original Jersey Shore and the new spinoff, Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

When JWoww asks Nino if his surging popularity translates to extra attention from the ladies, Nino didn’t want to talk about it but that didn’t stop Vinny from sharing a story.

It all went down on the special Friendsgiving episode that aired on Thursday night. Vinny’s family was there since his mom did all the cooking (and we’re talking about 299 pounds of food, seriously!)

Uncle Nino found a comfortable spot on the couch during the get-together. He was sitting right next to Jenni Farley when she asks if Nino has ever hooked up with someone who saw him on Jersey Shore.

Nino didn’t want to talk about his popularity with the ladies but it turns out that he’s definitely had a few offers. Vinny took the opportunity to talk about the time he took his uncle to an appearance and said that yes, Uncle Nino absolutely gets hit on.

Vinny explained that while they were at the appearance, a “very attractive” woman walked up to Nino and told him that she wanted him right then and there. While it’s not clear if Uncle Nino took her up on the offer, it’s clear that he’s getting them and has plenty of opportunities with women based on his popularity on the MTV series.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV. 

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