Is Teddy from Black Ink Crew married? Here’s what we know about Euni Ruks

Teddy Ruks' wife is introduced on Black Ink Crew
The crew finds out about Teddy Ruks’ wife Euni. Pic credit: VH1

Is Teddy Ruks married? Black Ink Crew fans definitely want more details about Teddy’s love life after Young Bae put him on blast during a recent episode — telling the rest of the staff about Teddy’s possible wife — leading them to question whether he was also expecting a baby.

This has been quite a surprise for everyone since Teddy Ruks has been quite the playboy on Black Ink Crew. He has a romantic history with Sky Days and after moving on from Jadah Blue, also spent some time dating Tati on the show as well.

It’s not really clear when Teddy had time to meet someone and to build a relationship to the point of marriage and babies.

Black Ink Crew investigates

Young Bae stumbled across a picture of Teddy Ruks with an Asian woman whom she says she’s never seen before and she’s never heard about her either.

Making things even more suspicious, the emojis on the picture of Teddy and this woman make it look like he might be announcing her pregnancy.

Teddy shows up to the shop as the rest of the crew is still discussing his “wife” and they want to know what’s going on.

A photo of Teddy Ruks and his mystery woman kissing
The Black Ink Crew cast wants to know more about the woman Teddy Ruks is kissing. Pic credit: VH1

“Y’all are crazy,” is Teddy’s response and then in the confessional, he says that he’s invoking his right to remain silent. Then, when asked if he’s married, Teddy won’t even speak up.

Then, Teddy confesses that there is someone who has been in his life for a while but that he’s not ready to let the Black Ink Crew cast in on it. The more they push, the more Teddy pushes back, letting them know that he’s not bringing his significant other around them.

It’s worth noting that there is no longer a picture of Teddy kissing anyone on his Instagram.

So who is Euni Ruks?

Not much is known about Teddy Ruks’ “wife,” who hasn’t appeared or even been mentioned on Black Ink Crew up until now. It has been said that she is a Korean Instagram model.

It has been reported that Euni Ruks is a huge sneakerhead – just like Teddy. And if you know anything about Teddy’s shoe collection, that’s pretty impressive.

On Black Ink Crew, Teddy Ruks admitted that he and Euni aren’t actually married yet, though he does take his relationship very seriously. In fact, he explains that he wears a ring that he bought himself and he just wears it on “that” finger but he doesn’t mind people thinking he’s married.

Also, Teddy made sure to confirm that there is no baby on the way.

Black Ink Crew airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on VH1. 

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