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Is Tayshia Adams spending her Friday nights alone after her Bachelorette filming?

Tayshia Adams
Tayshia Adams is hanging out alone on a Friday night. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette is currently airing Tayshia Adams’ season of the show.

Tayshia took over from Clare Crawley when Clare decided to shut down production completely because she wanted to be with Dale Moss.

As a result, Tayshia took over the season and met all the guys who had been developing feelings for Clare.

Her biggest fear was that the guys would be there for Clare, and not find her interesting at all.

As of right now, fans don’t really know how her season is going to turn out, as there are still many guys left on the show.

Tayshia Adams drinks wine alone on a Friday night

Even though Tayshia’s season is airing on ABC on Tuesday nights, she’s still very active on social media.

Unlike previous contestants, she’s been allowed to share posts and Instagram Stories from her life as long as she doesn’t spoil the outcome of her season.

And last Friday, she shared a brief story of her with her feet up, drinking some champagne in what looked like her apartment.

She was noticeably all alone.

Tayshia Adams
Pic credit: @tayshia/Instagram

While Tayshia can’t reveal how her season will conclude, there is reason to believe that she is actually alone and single after her season of the show.

Tayshia Adams is reportedly in a rocky relationship

When sources started to reveal what was happening with Tayshia’s season, it was shared that she was either in a rocky relationship or already single.

Reality Steve has revealed that Tayshia is reportedly in a relationship after The Bachelorette and that the relationship isn’t expected to last in the long run.

He concluded that Tayshia was a California girl and had no interest in leaving the state. However, the man she had supposedly chosen is a New Yorker and has his own business there.

When Tayshia broke up with John Paul Jones, she told fans that she struggled with the split. She was heartbroken, but he wasn’t willing to relocate to California and she wasn’t moving for him. After a few months of having a long-distance relationship, they decided to split.

If Tayshia isn’t willing to move to another state to be with someone who is stuck in a certain city because of work, she may not find love on reality television.

It will be interesting to see how her season concludes. It will wrap up in December 2020.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.