Is Little People, Big World canceled? Here’s everything we know

The future of Little People, Big World hangs in the balance following the conclusion of Season 24. Pic credit: Discovery+

While Little People, Big World fans eagerly await an announcement from TLC regarding Season 25, they’re curious whether the show has a future on the network.

Since 2006, the Roloff family has shared their personal lives with millions of viewers, and their unique family dynamic instantly caught viewers’ attention.

Exes Matt and Amy Roloff are little people, and of their four children, including a set of fraternal twins, only one is a little person like them, and the other three are average-sized.

Initially, LPBW set out to educate viewers about the challenges dwarves face and to show fans that their lives aren’t much different than everyone else’s, aside from height.

Over the years, some major changes have shifted the focus of the show, and now there is more drama than ever.

Matt and Amy’s divorce played out on national television, as did their new romances with their respective significant others, Caryn Chandler and Chris Marek.

Amy and Caryn’s tense relationship has become apparent, as has Matt’s bromance with Amy’s new husband, Chris.

Little People, Big World’s storylines have changed drastically in recent seasons

Zach Roloff is the only one of Matt and Amy’s children who still films since his twin brother Jeremy, sister Molly, and younger brother Jacob all decided to step away from reality television several years ago.

Then, Matt’s decision to list the north side of the farm for sale after failing to reach an agreement with his sons to purchase it became a major topic of contention.

With the shakeup among the family, there are only three Roloffs left filming – Matt, Amy, and Zach, along with their spouses, fiances, and children – leaving LPBW fans to wonder how much longer the show can go on.

Most of the cast members have provided clues that Season 25 is coming … eventually … but can we expect any more Roloff family drama after that? Here’s what we know.

TLC has yet to officially announce a premiere date for Season 25. Typically, the network waits several weeks before the debut to make an announcement.

Will Season 25 of LPBW be the last?

Season 24 premiered in November 2022, so that could indicate that TLC will follow suit when announcing Season 25’s premiere.

At this point, a continuation of LPBW likely depends on whether viewers are interested in following the Roloff family’s current drama. That includes Zach and Tori’s tiff with Matt and Caryn and Matt trying to sell the family’s farmhouse after Amy moved out after 30 years.

If Season 25 will be LPBW’s last, there is at least one momentous moment that viewers can look forward to: Matt and Caryn’s engagement.

While they plan their wedding, Matt and Caryn are also busy building their dream home on Roloff Farms. Meanwhile, Tori and Zach have adjusted to life in Battle Ground, Washington, nearly one hour away from the family farm.

And Amy and Chris are adjusting to life as a married couple after purchasing their own home just 15 minutes from Roloff Farms.

As we await news about Season 25 and the future of the long-running series, some of the Roloffs have hinted at hanging up filming for reality television for good.

According to Caryn’s son, Connor Chandler, Tori and Zach won’t be returning to LPBW if the show continues beyond Season 25. And his admission might not be too far-fetched, either.

Tori has hinted that her and Zach’s time on reality television is coming to a close, citing their enjoyment as a way to gauge whether or not to keep filming.

When asked when she would know when it’s time to stop filming, Tori shared, “The minute it’s not fun anymore, I think that’s, you know, then you kinda gotta come together and be like, ‘Alright, so what, what’s our next step?’ I guess.”

In the meantime, we can expect an announcement later this fall concerning Season 25, hopefully before October. After that, your guess is as good as ours concerning a 26th season and beyond.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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