Is James Duggar courting? Here’s why he could be

James Duggar confessional from Counting On
James Duggar may be in a courtship. Pic credit: TLC

James Duggar is one of the adult Duggar siblings who are currently single.

He appears to be living his best life traveling and working while sharing moments with his followers.

There have been some rumblings about a new Duggar courtship, and James may be the one who is experiencing that next step in life.

When a Duggar enters a courtship, a chaperone is a part of it. When out with their potential mate, another sibling tags along to ensure no lines are crossed. Some courtships have different rules that fit the couple and their goals, but chaperones remain the constant among all the viewers watched on TV.

Several of his most recent shares have appeared in poses where he is “showing off.” It is unlike James to call attention upon himself in a solo situation, so perhaps they were photos shared for someone special?

No official courtship announcement has been made. However, since Josh Duggar’s disgrace upon the family, the Duggars haven’t shared much publicly unless the sibling shares on their own.

Tyler Hutchins tags along with James Duggar

Tyler Hutchins is the bonus Duggar kid. He was raised by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar when her niece wasn’t able to care for him. Initially, Michelle’s sister attempted to raise him, but he was later turned over to the Duggars.

Recently, James Duggar has shared plenty of fun things, and Tyler has been spotted hanging out with him often. Tyler and Jackson were close, and while the other Duggar boys would hang with him, Jackson was always his go-to.

Now, it seems Tyler is spending more and more time with James, leading to speculation he is the chaperone during a courtship.

James Duggar and Tyler Hutchins.
James Duggar and Tyler Hutchins are hanging out again. Pic credit: @jamesaduggar/Instagram

While this isn’t a definite sign that James is in courtship, it raises many suspicions.

A new Duggar documentary is coming in June

The Duggars will be featured in a new documentary titled Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. It has been highly anticipated, but initially, when it was announced, it was supposed to include several other families in the IBLP (Institue in Basic Life Principles) realm.

After Josh Duggar’s arrest and conviction on child pornography charges, the Duggar family had all eyes on them. They have been plagued with secrets coming back to haunt them since 2015.

It’s unclear what will surface in the new documentary or if it will be a rehashing of everything that has been revealed about the family over the last decade.

With all of the negativity Josh brought to his family, that may be why many of the Duggar siblings have chosen to keep their lives more private.

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