Is Angela Deem crushing on a new man? The 90 Day Fiance star won’t stop making TikTok duets with this guy

90 Day Fiance Star Angela Deem makes duet videos on TikTok sparking rumors.
90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem sparks rumors after multiple duet videos on TikTok. Pic credit: TLC

Angela Deem who has appeared on 90 Day Fiance, plus two of their spinoffs — Happily Ever After? and Before the 90 Days — is familiar with being the topic of controversy.

The reality star, who is not exactly a fan favorite, has made a name for herself with her over-the-top personality. She has been called a bully more than a few times, and downright mean and crude.

However, that hasn’t stopped her from being active on social media and often posting things that get viewers talking. Lately, Angela’s posts have people wondering if she’s ready for a new man in her life.

Who is Angela’s mystery man?

Recently, viewers of the show have noticed Angela has become a fan of making duet videos on the TikTok app. This feature allows users to appear in the video frame side-by-side with another user as their video also plays.

Angela has made numerous videos duetting a TikTok user who calls himself the Original Thief of Hearts. His videos typically show him lip-synching to a song and at times dancing along.

When she duets his videos, she is often seen dancing along with him or lip-synching as well. It’s her flirtatious looks, sultry eyes, and giant smiles, though, that leaves people wondering if Angela has her eyes set on a new man.

The man, whose name is Billy, has made it known on his profile that he posts these videos to bring awareness to kidney failure – something that is very important to him as he is in need of a kidney donor. When anyone shares or duets his videos, like Angela does, it helps spread the word on this cause that means so much to him.

Billy thanks 90 Day Fiance star, Angela Deem, for her support on his TikTok videos.
Billy shares his appreciation for Angela’s support. Pic credit: @originalthiefofhearts/TikTok

Billy has been seen in the comment section of Angela’s videos thanking her for her support. So, maybe the videos are harmless. However, users are convinced that Angela is crushing hard on the Thief of Hearts.

A TikTok user comments on 90 Day Fiance star, Angela Deem's duet video with Billy.
A TikTok user comments on Angela’s duet video with Billy. Pic credit: @JackieMillikin/TikTok

What about Angela’s relationship with Michael?

While some fans spent time in the comments egging Angela on for her new online romance, others wanted to know what happened to her marriage to Michael Ilesanmi. After being separated for most of their marriage, and even spending their anniversary apart, it seemed like the two could never get things right with their relationship.

Some comments assumed the marriage was over, suggesting that Angela was a free woman so her TikTok videos were not a threat to her relationship. After viewing her Instagram account, it’s possible the fans may be right. She has practically removed all photos and videos of Michael that were once on her page.

Michael’s social media only shows old traces of the couple’s relationship, with the last photo of them together being from 2019. It seems the two have gone their separate ways.

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