Is Andy Cohen leaving Bravo?

Andy Cohen attends event.
Andy Cohen’s time as the face of Bravo could be over. Pic credit: ©

Andy Cohen has been the face of The Real Housewives universe on Bravo since its launch in 2006, but according to a recent report, his tenure could soon conclude.

InTouchWeekly reports that Cohen, 55, is plotting his exit from the network due to “the fallout from mounting accusations by his stars.”

It hasn’t been a great year for Cohen after Leah McSweeney and Brandi Glanville named Cohen in recent lawsuits over his treatment of them and fellow cast members.

Many cast members have also spoken out in support of Cohen.

Given the recent controversy surrounding Cohen and the Real Housewives franchise, there have been rumblings for months that changes could be made to keep the franchise fresh.

Parting ways with Cohen, who also hosts the reunions for Below Deck, Summer House, and other Bravo shows, would be a significant shift, assuming it comes to fruition.

Andy Cohen has been the face of Bravo for years

He’s long been seen as the glue that holds the Real Housewives franchise together.

Through his nightly talk show, Watch What Happens Live, he comments on the hit reality shows, even when he’s not hosting them.

We think it’s fair to say he’s been the face of the cable network for so long that there’d be concerns about losing that familiarity from executives at the network.

Bringing a new person in to help with the reunions could result in backlash from fans, and with falling ratings across the board, it’s hard to believe that Bravo would be interested in coming to such a decision unless it was pushed to do so.

Cohen and Bravo hit back at the report, saying that news of him negotiating an exit from the network that made him a household name “couldn’t be further from the truth.”

He could scale back his involvement with some of the shows, possibly those outside the Real Housewives stratosphere, because, after so many years, he could want to lessen his workload.

There are no Real Housewives shows on the air for the first time in years

All we can do is await official word from Cohen and the network, but for now, it’s business as usual.

For the first time in over a decade, there are no Real Housewives universe shows currently on Bravo’s schedule, with the network relying on heavyweights like Vanderpump Rules and The Valley to keep the lights on.

A new season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is on track for next month, but given the franchise’s big hiatus, Cohen won’t have to report to another reunion for several months.

Could that be intentional and add fuel to the fire that he’s about to walk away from the network? Possibly because it’s unheard of not to have at least two of those shows on the network simultaneously.

Monsters and Critics will keep you up to speed on any new developments.

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1 month ago

Bravo wouldn’t be the same w/o Andy. Hope he doesn’t leave.