Hunter Haag doubles down after comparing Shanae Ankney to Jeffrey Dahmer

Huter Haag on the mic
Hunter Haag didn’t hold back when roasting Shanae Ankney. Pic credit: ABC

Shots were most definitely fired on the latest episode of The Bachelor Season 26 as the women were required to roast Clayton and one another on a group date. 

While current villain Shanae Ankney wasn’t in attendance on the group date, most of the ladies threw some shade her way during the roast, especially contestant Hunter Haag. 

During Hunter Haag’s roast, she went so far as to compare Shanae to notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, and she even doubled down on the comparison later on social media. 

Hunter Haag draws more comparisons between Shanae Ankney and Jeffrey Dahmer 

Shanae has rubbed The Bachelor viewers and contestants the wrong way with her various antics, bullying, and mockery of ADHD. A few of the women in the house used the latest group date to air out their grievances with Shanae through roasts. 

When Hunter took the stage, she acknowledged that Shanae wasn’t in attendance but still wanted to throw some shade at her.

Hunter roasted Shanae saying, “Shanae isn’t here, but long story short, it’s like Jeffrey Dahmer calling himself a victim in his own crimes.” 

Shanae has built a reputation of playing victim despite instigating drama which led Hunter to make the comparison between her and the ‘Milwaukee Cannibal’ Jeffrey Dahmer. 

Despite the harsh dis, Hunter stood by her words and fired even more shots at Shanae in her recent tweet.

Hunter tweeted, “They both look good in orange too,” as she included a photo of Shanae in an orange dress and Dahmer in an orange prison jumpsuit. 

Shanae gets dissed by several women in the house 

Hunter wasn’t the only one to target Shanae during the roast. 

During the Olympian Marlena Wesh’s roast, she shared, “Shanae is like a herpes outbreak. No matter how hard you try to get rid of her, she keeps coming back and lasting longer than expected.” 

Serene Russell also dedicated a segment of her roast to Shanae as she called out Shanae’s fake tears and trophy-throwing antics. 

Serene expressed, “So honored to have been chosen to be on Shanae’s season of The Bachelorette. From what I’ve heard, it’s so nice to be on a group date without her. Although, she could pop up at any minute. No worries, Clayton. You don’t have to worry about any academy award-winning performance featuring fake tears tonight. Also, no need for a helmet. Nobody’s gonna be throwing any trophies.”

Even Mara Agrait roasted Shanae during her confessional in the episode. Mara stated, “Shanae’s not even here, but honestly, if we’re gonna roast someone, let’s roast the b***h. Let’s roast the pig in the house.”

It’s clear Shanae has not made the best impression on the women in the house. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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