How old is Heather on Below Deck? Chief stew reacts to Fraser and Rayna’s age comments

Heather Chase on Below Deck: How old is she?
Heather had the best response to Rayna and Fraser discussing her age on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

How old Heather on Below Deck is became one hot topic after Fraser and Rayna were discussing it on the hit Bravo show.

Fraser Olender has been vocal that he’s no fan of chief stew Heather Chase. The London native has dissed her management style and work ethic more than once.

On the recent episode of Below Deck, Fraser asked Rayna Lindsey, Jake Foulger, and Jessica Albert their thoughts on Heather’s age. The group was on the way to dinner with their guesses ranging from early to mid-thirties to even early forties.

They all remarked how angry they would be to find out Heather was years younger than them. Jessica and Fraser really didn’t want her to be younger than them since Heather was the one bossing them around for weeks.

How is Heather on Below Deck?

Below Deck fans paying close attention during the premiere episode will remember she said she was 25 years old. Heather admitted she was young to be a chief stew.

However, the blonde beauty shared she worked hard to earn her position. Heather also started working in yachting at a younger age than a lot of yachties.

Season 9 of Below Deck was filmed last winter, so it’s possible Heather is 26-years-old now, depending on her birthday.

Below Deck’s Heather Chase reacts to Fraser Olender and Rayna Lindsey’s age comments

Heather was recently a guest on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, along with her good friend Below Deck Mediterranean alum Alex Radcliffe.

Andy wasted no time asking Heather her thoughts on Rayna and Fraser, guessing her age as so much older. The host was surprised by their assumption.

“Maybe it’s just my maturity in age over theirs, and that’s how they got 42,” Heather replied.

Again, the chief stew reiterated she spent the past few years working her tail off to become a young chief sew. Heather shared that she missed holidays, family events, special occasions, and so much more because she was focused on her yachting career.

Alex confirmed Heather was a great stew. They met working on a yacht together after Alex filmed Below Deck Med Season 5. Chef Rachel Hargrove also gave Heather props for killing it as a chief stew and being shocked to find out her young age.

One Twitter user isn’t convinced that Heather is telling the truth regarding how old she is.

One Twitter user questions Heather's age.
Pic credit: @RealityTVBliss/Twitter

Heather Chase on Below Deck Season 9 was 25-years old when the show was filmed. Fraser Olender and Rayna Lindsey were way off base, guessing Heather’s age.

What do you think of Heather as a chief stew?

Below Deck Season 9 airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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John Warren
John Warren
2 years ago

Well she certainly doesn’t lead by example. She also seems a bit dismissive of the captain at times…as if he’s taken up too much of her time. She just ends the conversation abruptly and leaves.