How many Below Deck, Below Deck Med and Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast members have been on multiple seasons?

Which Below Deck, Below Deck Sailing Yacht and Below Deck Med crew members appeared on more than one season?
There are several crew members that continue to be part of the Below Deck franchise. Pic credit: Bravo

The Below Deck franchise has become a cult hit thanks to the drama, excitement, and various cast members over the years.

Bravo struck gold with the hit yachting show and two spin-offs, Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Sailing Yacht with Below Deck Down Under and Below Deck Adventure in the works. The three current shows have a combined 18 seasons over eight years.

There has also been a slew of cast members that have appeared on Below Deck, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, and Below Deck Med. Some quickly became fan favorites, returning for multiple seasons, while other crew members were one and done.

Let’s take a look at how many cast members have appeared on more than one season of the yachting franchise.

How many Below Deck cast members have been in multiple seasons?

Below Deck Season 9 begins this fall, which means the OG show has the most returning cast members.

Twelve crew members have come back multiple times over the years. Captain Lee Rosbach has been around for all eight seasons of Below Deck but he will only be in a portion of Season 9.

Former chief stew Kate Chastain is the next crew member with the most appearances. Kate had six seasons under her belt when she exited the show after Season 7.

Chef Ben Robinson and first-officer Eddie Lucas are tied at four seasons each. Once Season 9 debuts, Eddie will add a fifth season to his list of returns.

David Bradberry, Kelley Johnson, Amy Johnson, Nico Scholly, Kyle Dixon, Ashton Pienaar, and Rhylee Gerber have all appeared on two seasons of Below Deck.

Last but not least, Rachel Hargrove is set to return for Season 9, which will put her at two seasons on the show.

How many Below Deck Mediterranean cast members have appeared on more than one season?

Below Deck Mediterranean was the first Below Deck spin-off and has had ten crew members return over the course of six seasons.

Captain Sandy Yawn leads the pack with five seasons of the show now that Below Deck Med Season 6 has started airing. Former chief stew Hannah Ferrier had four and half seasons under her belt before being fired during Season 5.

Along with four seasons on Below Deck, chef Ben Robinson helped launch the first spin-off. Ben was only slated to appear on one season, but he returned during Season 4 after Anastasia Surmava chose to finish out the season as a stew.

Malia White has appeared on three seasons of the hit yachting show. One as deckhand and two as bosun. Bobby Giancola, chef Adam Glick, João Franco, and Colin Macy-O’Toole have all done two seasons of Below Deck Mediterranean.

Finally, Christine “Bugsy” Drake and Aesha Scott have one full season and a partial season on their resume. They both returned during Season 5 as replacement stews.

How many Below Deck Sailing Yacht cast members have been in multiple seasons?

There are only two seasons of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. The list of returning crew members is only one.

Captain Glenn Shephard helped launch the spin-off and returned for the second season. As long as Parsifal III is the sailing yacht used, fans can expect Captain Glenn to be on the show.

Chef Adam Glick returned to reality television to launch the inaugural season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. He declared he was done with yachting and TV once his stint was over.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 has reportedly been filming with speculation that Colin Macrae, Daisy Kelliher, and Gary King are returning.

A total of 23 cast members have had multiple appearances on the Below Deck franchise.

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