Holly Weeks wants to ‘disappear and never be found’ amid cruel online hate

90 Day Fiance star Holly Weeks screenshot
Holly Weeks pushed to tears over nasty comments. Pic credit: TLC

Holly Weeks is getting a brutal taste of reality TV fame, and the nasty comments recently drove her to tears.

In a post online, Holly confessed she wants to “disappear and never be found” and has expressed regrets about putting her life on TV.

The new 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way cast member has been speaking out and sharing what she’s been enduring since Season 5 premiered.

We were introduced to Holly a few weeks ago when she left the US and moved to South Africa to live with her fiance Wayne Cornish.

Their storyline is still playing out on the show, but the trolls have already set their sights on Holly.

The comments about Holly’s appearance have been less than kind, and it’s affecting her mental health.

Holly Weeks wants to ‘disappear’ amid cruel comments from 90 Day Fiance viewers

The 90 Day Fiance star has been sharing a lot with her TikTok followers, and her past several videos have been very telling.

In one video, Holly noted that her anxiety is at an all-time high because the trolls have gotten “out of control.”

“I don’t want to leave my house,” she confessed.

In another video, she wrote, “Just want to disappear and never be found again. [I’m] fragile to begin with and this just pushed me over.”

Last night Holly went Live on TikTok, and she was in tears while talking about the nasty comments that people have made about her appearance.

However, she later deleted the videos.

The bullying has promoted the 44-year-old to kick off an anti-bullying campaign which she revealed a few hours ago. Holly has designed a slew of colorful t-shirts with “SB stop bullying” displayed on the front.

“Anti-bullying campaign started. Website coming soon,” she wrote in the post, and added the hashtags “#stopinternetbullying,” and “#cyberbullyingawareness.”

Wayne defends his fiancee Holly amid online

Holly has been getting plenty of support from her fiance Wayne Cornish, who made a post about the situation on Instagram.

He recorded a passionate video and urged bloggers and creators to cease posting mean content about Holly online.

Wayne confessed that he regrets doing the show because of the hateful things being said about them, including being called “drug addicts” and “meth heads.”

“I’m not a bad person, Holly’s not a bad person but you know what, I’m sorry we did this show,” he exclaimed in the clip as he told the haters “Your day will come.”,

Wayne also wrote in his caption, “I really hope people can see what you doing to Holly. Most of them out there are the most hurtful comments. I really hope this message will go viral.”

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Hoku Falanai
Hoku Falanai
11 months ago

Oh come on she’s clearly in drugs and is weird and he’s a control freak with fangs!!!!

11 months ago

I feel she should have expected negative feedback the way she dressed and acted she always acted heavily medicated stumbling around with her clothes unkept and hanging off her emaciated body