Here’s why viewers wonder if Josie Duggar can read

Josie Duggar Counting On confessional
Josie Duggar seemed to have trouble reading. Pic credit: TLC

Josie Duggar is the baby of the Duggar family.

She is number 19 of 19 and was born as a micro-preemie.

Along with her incredibly early birth came a slew of medical issues, which included seizures. One particularly scary moment was caught on camera when she seized at the Big House.

These days, she is a teenager and looks all grown up while sporting makeup.

While appearing in the latest vlog Joy-Anna shared and participating in the Q&A session, her behavior raised some questions.

Can Josie Duggar read?

Josie Duggar’s education questioned

The Duggar homeschool curriculum has been questioned several times over the years.

Information about how things were run in the family began trickling out — especially when Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard started to speak out.

Many of the older daughters helped with schooling, the younger siblings, but when they married off and moved away, it seemed some of the educational activities may have ceased.

Josie Duggar was part of the Duggar sisters’ Q&A session with Joy-Anna Duggar in her latest vlog. She is 14 and will celebrate her 15th birthday in December. At this point, she should be able to read and write at a high school level.

However, she appeared to struggle when it was her turn to read the questions from the card, and Joy-Anna immediately stepped in to help her.

On Reddit, a thread was opened about the situation with Joy-Anna and Josie, where several gave their opinion on what happened in the vlog.

One Redditor said, “It’s probably a combination of nature (micropreemie) and nurture (or lack thereof).”

Another mentioned they had a preemie who was born further along than Josie and confirmed that prematurity could come with other issues, such as learning disabilities.

They went on to say, “The Duggars were firm about their narrative that Josie was perfect and had suffered no significant lasting damage from her premature birth – hence describing her seizures as ‘a little glitch’ –  and I suspect that this may have led them to not accepting any therapies beyond the most basic.”

Someone else wrote, “I think her main problem is a lack of education. She likely has a learning disability that has gone undiagnosed or ignored.”

Comments about Josie Duggar
Pic credit: u/zuzioo/Reddit

What’s next for the Duggars?

The Duggar family has seemingly moved back into leading a more normal life, with the adult children choosing what to share with the public.

Joy-Anna Duggar regularly updates her followers on the family, sharing new content weekly.

Many of the older siblings have chosen to move out of the spotlight. Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell joined Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson in cutting ties with social media and sharing their every move.

As for the younger sisters, they aren’t in a hurry to get on social media or get married off immediately. Johannah is an adult, and there hasn’t been a big fuss about when she will become a wife and start a family.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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