Here’s why the Vanderpump Rules ‘bombshell’ was a huge letdown

Raquel Leviss selfie
Raquel Leviss revealed Tm Sandoval lied about a lot. Pic credit: @raquelleviss/Instagram

Now that Vanderpump Rules Season 10 has officially wrapped and the “bombshell” tease was revealed, it was a bit of a letdown.

Since March, viewers have questioned the timeline Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss have pushed about their affair.

And that’s precisely what the “big reveal” was during the last five minutes of the Vanderpump Rules reunion.

Raquel returned almost a week later to finish confessionals and sat down to speak with production about the actual timeline of the affair.

She admitted the affair began before Mexico and regularly happened as soon as filming wrapped. Raquel and Tom did sleep together in the home he shared with Ariana Madix, his girlfriend of nine years. She went even further and confirmed it happened when she was out of town for her grandma’s funeral.

Tom was reportedly adamant they kept the timeline perfect, and she was nervous, despite production calling her lousy poker face out. She also revealed she considered asking to join Tom and Ariana in their relationship, making them a throuple.

Vanderpump Rules viewers weigh in on ‘bombshell’

Immediately after Raquel Leviss’ “bonus” interview aired, social media was flooded with many reactions. James Kennedy had already teased that it would be mind-blowing, but for some, it was already what they expected was happening, especially for those who have lived and breathed Scandoval since March.

One viewer used the perfect shot of Scheana Shay from watching in the trailer and summed it all up.

Another point that was made about it was Raquel likely did the second interview to save herself on advice from a PR team.

The throuple situation was shocking, and again, that classic Scheana photo perfectly fit the point they were making.

Raquel also admitted she slept with Tom multiple times in Mexico, the same place she kissed Tom Schwartz.

Who will return to Vanderpump Rules for Season 11?

As of now, contracts from Season 11 have not gone out. They were waiting for the reunion to air and the “bombshell” reveal, so they could determine if it would affect anyone returning.

When the actual timeline was revealed (and keep in mind, there have been several variations), it wasn’t as shocking as some scenarios floating around social media.

At one point, it did look like Raquel Leviss would announce a pregnancy, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, she blew Tom Sandoval’s lies out of the water while continuing to lie for him, especially about her trip to St. Louis.

Viewers will be shocked if that “bombshell” affects whether people return for Season 11. However, Ariana Madix already made it clear she would not film with Raquel or the Toms.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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Fan of Vander pump Rules
Fan of Vander pump Rules
11 months ago

Tom Wander vol looks like the joker with the worm mustash