Here’s why RHONY alum Carole Radziwill has no interest in returning for the reboot

Carole Radziwill
Former RHONU has no interest in being a part of the show reboot. Pic credit: Bravo

For fans of Carole Radziwill, don’t expect to see the former The Real Housewives of New York star returning to Bravo any time soon.

After Bravo chief Andy Cohen announced that the iconic New York franchise would be rebooted to add a second installment starring former cast members of the show, Carole stated publicly that she would not be participating in the second wave of the series.

The former reality star was on the original Bravo series from Seasons 5 through 10, where she quickly became a fan favorite with a Kennedy family connection.

How does Carole feel about RHONY: Legacy?

During a live episode of the podcast Andy’s Girls with Sarah Gall at Manhattan’s Club Cumming, Carole was a guest and revealed she has no plans on returning to the RHONY: Legacy series. 

Carole admitted, “Taking the fans’ desire for me to come back, and putting that aside (because I love them)….if I went back I would sort of consider that to be an epic fail on my part.” She continued, “I would not go back, I could not have one more conversation about anything with any of them.”

The journalist and New York Times Bestselling author went on to say that she left the show in 2018 because it was negatively affecting her mental health.

“The fans of the show are amazing and I love them. My beef was always with Bravo and production….would I ever come back? I would not.”, Carole said, adding, “But I appreciate the fans’ loyalty…Life is a marathon and you know how I feel about loyalty.”

Carole also criticized the concept of Legacy, saying, “I don’t even get that show…I could see it running for a few episodes and then where are they going to go with that? It’s always going to compete with the show on Bravo, because the Legacy show is going to be on Peacock.” She wrapped the issue, “I know they’re really short on, they’re really struggling to populate Peacock with, with shows.”

Carole also divulged that she had pitched her own show to NBC Universal. The series was about her and a group of friends who renovate homes in upstate New York, but says that the network passed. “I thought it would be perfect for Peacock, but obviously they had bigger and better plans with RHONY Legacy shows,” she joked.

Fans certainly wanted Carole back on their screens. She led the pack in a poll asking readers who they wanted to be cast in the upcoming spin-off with 32% of the vote. Bethenny Frankel came in second with 15% of voters selecting her, and Dorinda Medley followed in third with 13% of the vote. Ramona Singer came in fourth with 11% of the vote and Sonja Morgan followed close behind with 8%.   

Carole left RHONY on bad terms with former boss Andy Cohen

Carole and former bestie Bethenny Frankel spent Season 10 on bad terms, and things came to a head at the reunion when Carole snapped back at Andy.

In a tense exchange, the former friends argued over who slammed who in the show that season.

When Andy claimed that they were both at fault, Carole snapped. “Shut up, Andy. You’re so full of s**t!” then accused Andy of being afraid of Bethenny.

He didn’t take kindly to Carole’s accusation, and Carole was out for the next season.

In a later interview for the book Not All Diamonds and Rose, Andy said that he felt betrayed by Carole because he felt that the series changed her life. In return, Carole claimed Andy wasn’t the person she once knew. The two agreed to disagree but agreed to never speak again.

The Real Housewives of New York City is on hiatus on Bravo

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