Here’s why it took Matt James so long to speak out about the Bachelor issues

Matt James
Matt James took his time to issue a statement about The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

There have been some pretty major developments in Bachelor Nation recently and fans have heard opinions from just about everyone.

But throughout the flood of comments, one person has stayed silent – until recently.

The man in the center of this season of The Bachelor, Matt James, has finally issued a lengthy statement, even though it has taken weeks for him to say something.

Reality Steve, the blogger known for spoiling the Bachelor and Bachelorette reasons, has a good idea as to why Matt took his time.

The Bachelor star Matt James may have held back due to Rachael Kirkconnell

As it turns out, Matt’s decision to take his time with his statement could have something to do with his relationship with Rachael and how he needed to sort that out first.

Reality Steve revealed this week that he was able to confirm that Rachael and Matt had broken up within the last week, sharing that he didn’t know much more than that. However, Steve wrote on his blog that he could put the pieces together and guess why it may have taken Matt a while to speak out on the issues.

“Judging by Matt’s IG post yesterday, I get the sense that the guy was put in a no-win situation, so basically, no matter what he did, he was going to take some heat. If he sticks this out and shows up with Rachael on the ATFR as a couple, it’ll be ‘how is [he] not affected by what she did.’ Now they’ve broken it off, it’ll be ‘why couldn’t he stand by her?'” Steve wrote.

Steve also pointed out that this is the first time fans have even heard from Matt other than a simple statement when Chris’ interview with Rachel Lindsay was published.

“This is the first real statement Matt has made since everything went down. I think he released something on his IG story a few days after the Chris incident, but it wasn’t more than 3 sentences long. Not sure why it took him this long to say it, but we finally got something and it was pretty strong against the show, Chris, and Rachael. Now knowing that their breakup was recent, certainly makes things more interesting come this weekend,” Steve wrote.

Matt James could still attend the After The Final Rose filming despite being heartbroken and upset

The After The Final Rose segment is set to film this weekend, but the details are still being worked out with Chris Harrison being gone, with COVID-19 still being a major issue, and now with Matt and Rachael no longer being a couple.

Matt James issued a statement this week that revealed how heartbroken he was. While he didn’t confirm that he had picked Rachael, he had some strong words about how he felt about the whole thing.

He clearly wanted to distance himself from a show that couldn’t stand up to racism.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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